Dieting can be really difficult. Following through with a meal plan, sticking it out with an exercise program, and pressing through when you hit a plateau can be too much for many of us in certain seasons of life. We often get off track and have to start again from what at least feels like square one. How can you follow through with a program and see real results? Below, we’ll talk briefly about 5 solutions to the common struggles of dieting.

5 Common Struggles of DietingNy-diet-plan

1. Doing it alone – Most people fail to see the results they really want to see because they attempt to lose weight on their own. Dieting alone is often unsuccessful for the same reasons trying to overcomes an addiction alone is often unsuccessful – you lack the support you need to follow through. Half of the reason working with a nutritionist or weight loss expert is so effective is that you have someone else there to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. If you get discouraged, they can keep you on track. Will power runs out sooner or later, and you’ll need someone else to remind you of the importance of following through.2. Dieting misconceptions – While many folks have become more educated on how to eat well, a lot of us still have misconceptions about how to lose weight. You might think it’s as easy as taking in less calories than you burn. While that is true as a general rule, it is often not enough. In fact, some people eat too little, and need to get more calories to boost their metabolism. Others skip breakfast thinking that skipping a meal a day will help them lose weight. The result is that their body shuts down its metabolism in order to hold on to what energy source it has, not “knowing” when you’ll eat again. Additionally, hormonal problems, hydration issues, food allergies, conditions like IBS, and medication side effects can all hinder your ability to lose weight.

A Weight loss expert is qualified to identify whatever issues might be holding you back.

3. Ineffective exercise – Many people exercise in a way that has very limited results. You might do the same thing in the gym every time you go because you’ve found something you enjoy doing, but which doesn’t tax you too much. Here are two things you need to know about effective exercise:

  • Doing the same thing each time is ineffective – When a baby learns to walk up a flight of stairs, it is extremely difficult at first. But after doing it many times, it becomes easy, and the child needs to take on more challenging tasks in order to grow stronger and more coordinated. If they continue to only walk up that same flight of stairs, they will be stunted in their growth. It is very similar with exercise. You need variety and increasingly difficult workouts in order to get great results. Your workouts should be doable, but once they begin to get easy, you should increase the difficulty.
  • Short and fast vs. long and slow – This is good news because it will save you time. Have you ever noticed the difference between a marathon runner and an Olympic sprinter? The sprinter is lean, strong, and powerful, while the marathon runners tend to be only lean. Yet the sprinter never runs more than a mile at one time. This is because long duration exercise done at a moderate pace increases your cardio vascular health, but results in a reduction of strength, speed, and power. Short, intense exercise, like sprints, increase speed, strength, power, and cardio vascular health, all at the same time. Additionally, it gives your metabolism a “kick” which lasts long after your workout is over. On the other hand, aerobic activity only allows you to burn more calories while you’re doing it. Once you’re done, your metabolism returns to normal. Do short and intense workouts for better results.

4. Parties and events – This is what kills a lot of us. Nothing can get you off track like a wedding or a birthday party where there’s plenty of sugary desserts and appetizers being served. If you’re going to indulge, you need to have a plan for getting back on track the next day, and you need to be able to cut yourself off at a certain point. A weight loss expert who can help you think through this issue is the best solution to this problem.

5. Cheating correctly – Obviously, dieting can’t mean that you never get to cheat and eat what you enjoy. Ice cream, pizza, cheeseburgers, or whatever it is that you wish you could eat more often, should be enjoyed to a point. A weight loss expert can help you make a plan for when you’ll be allowed to indulge in a way that won’t hinder your weight loss program.

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