If you’re tired of trying to lose weight on your own and ready to invest in a weight loss program or clinic, you may be wondering how much money it will take to sign up and get real results. Are these programs expensive or affordable? The answer depends on several things. Below, we’ll talk about a few different factors that could impact the cost of your weight loss program.

Nyc-diet-planHow Much Weight You Need to Lose

The amount of weight you need to lose will to some degree determine the amount of time it will take for you to reach your ultimate goal weight. Some people may choose to use a weight loss program or clinic to make initial progress and than try to navigate the remainder of their weight loss on their own. Others may do the opposite, losing some initial weight on their own and then enlisting the help of professionals to take them through the harder stages of shedding the last 10 to 30 pounds or so. It is advisable to work with a professional for the entire duration of your weight loss journey if possible, as this will ensure you reach your goals in as little time as possible. Some folks choose only to work with experts for a brief amount of time partly due to budget issues.

What Kind of Help You Need

If you’re a generally a disciplined person and feel like you could have real success with only simple directions and a diet to follow from a nutritionist, then your weight loss program at a clinic may be really affordable. However, if you are battling some deeply ingrained eating habits or food addictions, you may need to go through some counseling and have regular meetings with nutritionists and coaches to keep you on track and help you get to the bottom of your issues with food. With those kinds of problems, will power will only get us so far. Regular one-on-one coaching and counseling, as well as accountability, will be necessary.

At The NYC Weightloss Solutions, we recommend that our clients come in for in-person check-ins and weight-ins at least 2 or 3 times per week. One of the most important parts of successful and sustainable weight loss is having a supportive community to keep you motivated and accountable. Some of us simply won’t experience the kind of success we long for without this element. This can impact the cost of your program at your weight loss clinic, but it’s more than worth it in the long run!

Which Program You Select

Certain weight loss clinics may have several different programs to choose from which may have different costs. Your particular weight loss needs and challenges may dictate which program is best suited for you, which can impact the cost. At The NYC Weightloss Solutions, we use three basic weight loss programs, each of which is effective at producing rapid weight loss and can be adjusted to meet your particular needs. They are each different, and you may be a good fit for only one, depending on your lifestyle, dietary needs, and other factors. Our weight loss programs include:

  • Exclusively You – This program has been the foundation of our method of weight loss and weight management for over 40 years. Our dedicated staff of weight loss professionals has refined this program to be higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates in order to deliver even more powerful and effective weight loss results.
  • 21 Day Thermogenics – This is the revolutionary diet that puts clients into ultimate fat burning mode. This high protein, lower carb diet is based on the theory of thermogenesis, which recognizes that certain foods, taken in combination, supplemented by specific nutrients, spices and herbs, increase the ability of the body to burn fat and suppress the appetite.
  • DIETFAST – This is truly one of the few fast weight loss diets available that can produce rapid fat loss. It is designed to help burn fat, control hunger and promote metabolism through delicious meal replacement options. DIETFAST features a daily meal prepared with “real foods” specially selected for fat burning, high satiety, and low glycemic properties.

Top Weight Loss Clinic NYC

The NYC Weightloss Solutions has been getting fast and healthy weight loss results for thousands of folks for over 40 years. Our staff understands the difficulty of a tight budget and we do our best work with your spending limitations. The best way to know exactly how much it will cost to get rapid results working with our seasoned experts is to schedule your free consultation today. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your weight loss challenges and struggles so we can get a good handle on what it will take to create a perfect program for you! Call us at (212) 759-8118 or click the link below to begin the process. We’re looking forward to speaking with you, and to celebrating with you when you hit your goal weight!

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