Trying to lose weight can be a difficult and frustrating task for many people today. So many foods and diets exists that promise to help you shed those unwanted pounds. While diets, supplements, and the right foods can help you drop some weight you also have to  make some lifestyle changes too.

Nutritionist-nycOne of the biggest foods that people consume on regular basis that can sabotage a diet faster than anything is sugar. Sugar is in a lot of foods and drinks, but some have more than ever and have different types of sugar. What you find in fruits is better for you than what you find in candy bars.

Out of the bad sugar category, one of the hardest things for people to give up is soda. Some are worse than others but just about every major soda brand ha sugar and many of them have quite a bit!

Cola type drinks such as coke and store brand coke type products can have anywhere from 100-200 or more  calories per serving and 30 plus grams of sugar per serving. Other drinks such as Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, and others can have even more sugar content!

So the question becomes, are there any sodas that can be consumed while trying to lose weight? There are three basic ways to approach this question- cut out all sugars, use diet sodas, or moderate regular soda consumption.

Cutting out all soda from your regular diet is the fastest way to reduce your sugar intake during you diet. The problem with this is that many people have trouble giving up the things they enjoy, and soda has been shown to be one of the hardest things for dieters to give up completely. 

Another option is to use diet sodas that have no calories and no sugar content. This helps reduce the sugar content but can cause other problems for some people. Often times these diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that  some studies suggest these artificial sweeteners can actually make it harder for some people to lose weight and that they can cause asthma flare ups in some individuals.

The final option is to just keep soda consumption to a minimum and not over do it. Moderation is often the best way to control your food intake during a diet.

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