Once you have achieved your desired weight loss, take time to consider the best methods for keeping your weight off.  This isn’t just another diet. This is a lifestyle change for your continued health & well-being.  Make a commitment to yourself to continue your journey to a healthier life.

New-york-_Medical-weight-loss-doctorFirst, balance what you eat with how much you exercise.  This is important to maintaining your new weight.  Continue doing what you were doing while you were losing weight. Were you jogging or going for a walk every day? Then continue to do that.  These daily routines will continue to contribute to maintaining your new weight.

Avoid falling back into unhealthy habits.  Eat a variety of healthy foods.  Variety will help keep you excited with your food.  Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources.  Do not skip meals.  Skipping meals can cause overeating and can slow down your metabolism.

Continue to get physical activity every day.  Physical exercise is one of the most important methods for keeping your weight off.  Without physical activity the body can not adequately burn calories.

Weigh yourself regularly.  Now that you have achieved your desired weight it may not seem relevant to weigh yourself.  However, as you continue to weigh yourself you become more aware of your weight.  This will give you a better chance of quickly recognizing any unwelcome added pounds.  The sooner you recognize any weight gain the quicker you can rectify the situation before it becomes an issue.

Consider keeping a food and exercise journal.  By honestly documenting your food and exercise you will be able to notice and quickly correct any unhealthy trends.  This will also make it easier to determine where any unwanted weight gain has come from.

Lastly, consider your outlook on your weight loss plan.  It’s important to maintain a positive outlook about the journey you are on.  You are positively changing your life for a healthier you. Your outlook will affect how successfully you continue to follow through with your new lifestyle.  Your new health regimen is not a daunting daily chore.  Avoid these thoughts or you will eventually resent these new healthy habits you’ve developed. Consider your new habits as a reward for changing your life. Looking at it with a positive attitude will make you feel better about it and yourself.

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