If you are trying to lose weight or have in the past, then you know how hard of a process it can be. Metabolism-boosting supplements and diet foods may work for some but for others they might not. There can also be some unnatural and unwelcome ingredients in many of these products as well. Many people consider different options for their diet plan and many people are wondering: Can water boost my metabolism? Indeed it can.


According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, one study showed that drinking just under three glasses of water can boost a person’s metabolic rate by as much as 30%. The effect doesn’t take much time either. Within 10 minutes of drinking the water the boost takes place and half an hour later the effects are at their peak. Why does water boost my metabolism? Let’s take a look.



When you are dehydrated even slightly you will slow down your metabolism. Most people wake up slightly dehydrated after a long night of sleep and lack of fluids. This would mean that in the morning when you consume you breakfast full of protein you will actually have some pretty sluggish metabolism to deal with.


Fills You Up

Experts recommend you should drink one full glass of water prior to eating a meal. The water will help fill you up a bit and keep you from overeating


Speeds Digestion

When you drink water you are helping your digestive system move along. Many people have a sluggish gastrointestinal system and water can improve this. Rather than having your food sit in your stomach and intestines, water will help push it through the system. Nutrients are absorbed and waste is secreted.


No matter what the diet, when you are questioning “How can I boost my metabolism?” most plans will boast plenty of water as part of their regimen. Eight to ten glasses per day can raise the rate that your body burns calories. You can burn even more calories by drinking cold water. Your body consumes calories when it has to warm the water up during digestion. When making a weight loss plan it’s important to incorporate exercise, healthy diet and a healthy consumption of water in order to achieve success.

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