Weight loss is an extremely individual and personal activity.  Diet center reviews are a great place to start.  But, between the fad diets, television shows, books, diet center reviews and gimmicks available it can be overwhelming to determine what is going to be best for you.  The reality is that you are unique.  As such, you need a weight loss program that is as unique as you are.  The following are some things to consider while watching and listening to the various diet center reviews to help you determine which centers really work.

Ny-_Medical-weight-lossDetermine that the program healthy and safe.

One of the most dangerous diets is the fad diet.  They often promise a speedy weight loss but they restrict calories and nutrients to a point of causing harm to your body.  Most fad diets will recommend that you eliminate one or more food groups, or that you continue eating the same food repeatedly.  These diets are unhealthy because they don’t give your body the balanced nutrition that it needs.  Not only are they harmful in the short run but they are typically unsustainable.  Because they lack balanced nutrition any weight lost on these crash diets quickly and easily piles back on, causing you more work in the long run.

As you look at diet center reviews check that the weight loss program is healthy and safe.  Will the program provide your body with enough calories to keep it functioning properly?  Does it provide balanced nutrition?  A lack of nutrition can lead to a loss of lean muscle tissue and can slow your metabolism.

Watch for false promises.   

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly.  However, if a weight loss program promises results that seem too good to be true they probably are.  A gradual approach is the healthiest way to lose weight and will be more sustainable in the long run.  Healthy weight loss is an average of two to three pounds per week.  This way you are not losing muscle mass and have time to adequately burn fat.

Look for a sound, strong support system.

The program that you choose should include counseling, motivation, and support.  It should teach healthy lifestyle changes that are both beneficial and sustainable.  Choose a plan that will follow up with you frequently.  Check to see that these things are included and at what cost.

Make sure the program will be tailored to you. 

Each person is individual and unique.  What works for Susan from work may not work for you.  The program you choose should evaluate your needs and adjust to fit with them.  If you reach a plateau you may need to change things up, and try something new.  You should have a program that can change and continue to work with you until you reach your desired goal.

Pay particular attention to the program’s success rate.

No one wants to waste their time or money on a program that has no hope of success.  Check the track record of the center. What is their success rate?  Does the program have a maintenance plan or offer support once you achieve your goals.

Ultimately, finding a weight loss center could be as simple as looking in the yellow pages.  But determining the best program for you takes a little time and effort.  However, if you take the time to do your homework you will save yourself time and money in the long run.  We offer programs that safe, healthy, mindless, portable, easy to follow, and tailored to your needs.

After thirty years of success, read on to see diet center reviews about The NYC Weightloss Solutions.

“The NYC Weightloss Solutions is about an individualized, no-nonsense, healthful food approach in which patients do not feel hungry while losing weight.  The counselors are very smart and so talented at tuning into the patients’ specific issues and needs and addressing them individually in a private and personalized setting.  The NYC Weightloss Solutions offers an extremely high level of accessibility to their clients comprised of consistent and frequent office visits and phone calls and I believe this is a major reason for their success.

I am so relieved to have discovered the NYC Weightloss Solutions, and my patients are too!”

“NYC Weightloss Solutions is unique! It provides one-on-one meetings without the one-on-one cost! Becky, Liz & Linda genuinely care & they take the time to get to know you, so that they can uncover what approach to take to help reach your weight loss goals! The meals are convenient & delicious! This was the 1st program (I have tried them all), that encouraged behavior modification exercises, such as writing affirmations & discussing thoughts & feelings surrounding weight loss obstacles & successes. I really enjoyed the luxury of calling in to the ladies, as many times as necessary for support between meetings. Not only did I reach my weight loss goals with NYC Weightloss Solutions, but I learned about myself! I was provided with nutritional information, along with positive reinforcement & guidance throughout the entire program!! I strongly recommend this plan!”

With our programs and our excellent weight loss coaches we are confident you will find a weight loss program that fits you.  Our programs have been successful for over thirty years and we have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals.  But don’t take our word for it, come and check us out for yourself.  To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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