NYC Weightloss Solutions and its experienced team have the diet plan you have always hoped for but never thought possible. Until now, that was true. Thanks to new scientific research and methods, the NYC Weightloss Solutions’s Weight Loss Boutique has an effective to lose weight  plan with a personal touch that will do wonders for you. Are you right for our plan?


  • Is your weight a constant concern?
  • Do you soon gain back the weight you have lost while dieting
  • Do you feel helpless about your overweight status?


  • Do wish that you could find a magic pill to take that would help pounds melt away without the strain of a rigid  exercise routine?


  • Do you have a history of experimenting with all sorts of diet plans to lose weight with little overall success? Are you skeptical about revolutionary new diet plans that are making headlines of late?

New York NYC Weightloss Solutions on 56th, offers varied diet plans meant to  encourage you to lose weight,  take control of your life and learn to live a lifestyle geared to your needs. Our goals for you are to find new ways to live and a healthy mindset that will set you on a path to success. Hopefully, that goal will become ingrained into your persona, not for just a moment, but forever.


Every human being has different needs. For that reason we offer 4 distinct diet program.

• Instant Shape Up
• 21 Day Thermogenics
• Exclusively You

•Diet Fast


All of our programs conform with healthy weight loss methods recommended by practices by the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the American Diabetes Association. If you have medical issues that could affect your diet, NYC Diet Plan highly recommend that you consult with your family doctor or specialized physician before starting any of our weight loss programs.


Some programs are more aggressive then others. The 21 day program averages a weight loss of 10 to 15 lbs. in only three weeks.  The other programs involve behavior modification training and one on one supervision or meal replacement along with supplements and high protein low carbohydrate additives. Our team will consult with you  to determine the best course of action for you.


Our goal is to take care of you and not have you taking care of anyone else. Your well being is our focus. Call for a consultation: (212) 759-8118

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