Coffee and weight loss?  How coffee affects the body and weight loss is such a controversial subject that everyone wants to know the truth.  Are coffee and weight loss a good fit or do you have to give up your coffee to achieve successful weight loss?   While the question seems straightforward and easy, the answer varies depending on the expert you talk to.  However, with all the controversy the current studies show that coffee and weight loss can be a working pair if done correctly.  The type of coffee, additives in your coffee, and amount of coffee you drink are all key factors in how successful you will be when you combine coffee and weight loss.


Coffee can increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn calories after eating a meal.  Recent studies published show that coffee can stimulate your body’s metabolism.  This often most true for people who have not been routinely drinking coffee and is most effective when the coffee is consumed just prior to a meal.  This is because coffee is a stimulant and acts as a mild appetite suppressant.

More Successful Exercise

Because coffee contains caffeine it is a stimulant.  As a stimulant it increases your energy level and can make you feel more alert which in turn increases your activity level.  Additionally, the University of Georgia found that drinking a cup of coffee before your work out can stop or ease muscle pain while working out.  If you feel less pain and have more energy you are more likely to exercise longer and that will increase the amount of calories of you burn.

Can Impede Sleep

As beneficial as it might sound in the exercise department, the same stimulant effect of coffee can impede your ability to sleep.  Not getting enough sleep can drastically affect your weight loss goals.  Not only is sleep important for the body to recharge and reset but being tired will also lead to added cravings and more potential for overeating.

Added Calories

While a cup of black coffee alone has little or no calories it is all the additions to the coffee that will be detrimental to your weight loss goals.  Even a simple shot of flavoring will add unnecessary and empty calories to your diet.  Additionally, in today’s world of espresso and double mocha latte drinks the line at your favorite coffee shop may be just adding calories to your hips.  Unfortunately, they aren’t just packed full of calories but they also lead to restless and anxious feelings that tend to further induce cravings and that causes more overeating.

Too Much Coffee

Too much caffeine can cause an increase in stress levels.  It also contains chemicals which stimulate the production of cortisol.  Cortisol is a naturally occurring hormone in the body.  However, when the body produces adrenaline and cortisol the cortisol will increase your appetite and increase the amount of fat storage in your body.  This consequently leads to an increase in weight gain.

Insulin Resistance

Coffee has also been known to create insulin resistance.  Because coffee can trigger a release of cortisol and it interferes with glucose metabolism it can lead to insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance promotes further overeating and craving and can lead to heart disease and other health problems.

No one study has proven scientifically that Coffee is absolutely bad for weight loss or that it coffee and weight loss work well together.   Overall, they all seem to have mixed opinions and that is why coffee is such a controversial subject in the world of weight loss.  The reality is that coffee is more like a drug than a food.  If you are going to drink coffee be sure to drink it in moderation.  No more than two to three cups of coffee per day is healthy.  Do not add anything to your coffee.  Any additions, flavor syrups, sugar, cream, will add to your calorie intake without giving you any added nutritional benefit.  Avoid drinking coffee before bed.  Since it is a stimulant be sure to drink it earlier in the day when you can get the full use out of the extra energy and alertness that it give you without affecting your sleep patterns.

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