Now that you have decided to lose weight it can be a struggle to find the best weight loss center in Manhattan.  No one wants to waste their money.  Just as weight loss is specific for each individual, finding a program that will be successful for you is also individual.  Here are some things to consider when you are choosing the best weight loss center.

Nyc-nutritionistIs the program healthy?

Make sure the program you choose is healthy and safe.  The program should provide your body with enough calories to keep it functioning properly, and provide balanced nutrition?  A lack of nutrition can lead to a loss of lean muscle tissue and can slow your metabolism.

Is the weight loss sustainable?   

Crash diets are simply not sustainable.  As a result, the weight piles back on as soon as you stop the program.  A gradual approach is a healthier way to lose weight and will be more sustainable in the long run.

Does the program include counseling?

The program that you choose should include counseling, motivation, and support.  It should teach healthy lifestyle changes that will be beneficial now, and are sustainable after you achieve your desired weight loss.

Is the program flexible? 

Each person is individual and unique, their weight loss plan should be just as individual and unique.

Does the program have a proven track record?

Check the track record of the center. What is their success rate?  How long have they been in business?  What is their maintenance success?

Remember all of these things and do your research before choosing a weight loss program. Most programs will offer a free consultation so that you can check them out before signing up.

We have the best weight loss center in Manhattan.  Our program offers three plan’s to choose from and we are sure one of them will work for you.  Our staff is easily accessible and offers education, support, and motivation.   We focus on healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable.  That way it is easy to lose weight now and easier to maintain it later.  We have been helping people achieve their weight loss goals successfully for over thirty years and I know we can help you.

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