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nyc-weight-loss-solutionsBeing a picky eater can seem to be unrelated to adult eating behavior, but adults can be picky eaters just as kids can. Often, picky eating behavior is associated with childhood preferences and temperaments. The reality is that individuals with picky eating habits  often continue their picky eating behavior throughout adulthood. As an individual matures, she becomes set in her eating patterns and is unlikely to vary from eating the items she is comfortable with. Thus, her picky eating  habits endure into adulthood and are excused as merely being quirky and allow ed as a privilege of being an adult.

Weight-loss issues exist for any type of eater at any age Weight control issues are present for most people for a lifetime, regardless of their actual eating behavior or grazing habits. Weight loss for picky eaters is just as much of a problem as it is for regular eaters. People who diet find that it is just as easy to nibble too much of a healthy food or binge on a diet food as it is to nibble chips or binge on unusual foods. Just because an individual has “picky” eating habits doesn’t take her out of range of weight problems. or food control issues.

Locating a weight loss program tailored to picky eaters is hard but not impossible  Following a program which permits food exchanges is easier for a picky eater than following a program   with set menus that cannot be varied. Using a program which permits some flexibility will enable the picky eater to accommodate her tastes to the parameters of her diet plan more comfortably. A p rogram that is uber-regiminted might cause the picky eater to fail at following the program because the food selections are distasteful to the individual trying to force them down in the name of weight loss; it may simply be easier to remain fat than to modify eating habits. Allowing the picky eater to see that food choices do exist within her comfort zone might encourage her to comply with the  program.

Devising a program aimed at weight loss for picky eaters is difficult but can be rewarding if the picky eater is able to comply by eating foods she is comfortable with. Finding a program which permits some individual choice may be the key for picky eaters attempting to follow a weight loss plan. Calculating the exchanges within the plan wlll make following the plan more tedious, but may give the dieter the flexibility to w ork within her  picky eating constraints. Weight loss for picky eaters is thus more difficult than for people with regular dietary preferences, but it is possible. Help is available to make weight loss for picky eaters more acceptable for the individuals trying to lose weight. To schedule your free consultation please click below or call Becky Wilborn at (212) 759-8118




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