There are certain foods that you should eliminate or limit while you are dieting. When you avoid these unhealthy foods you will only be improving your health and avoiding some major health problems. The NYC Weightloss Solutions offers excellent advice and tips on healthy diet plans and foods to avoid while trying to lose weight.

Medical-weight-loss-doctor-nyAvoid Unhealthy Oils and Fats

Hydrogenated oil is at the top of the list of foods to avoid while trying to lose weight. This is the type of oil that contains trans fat and bad cholesterol which is LDL. The build up of cholesterol in the body can block the arteries and cause high blood pressure, strokes and other major health disorders. You can read food labels that list the ingredients of foods so you will know when they contain bad oils. Other types of foods to avoid while you are following a diet plan are:

* Sugar, refined sugar, table sugar, brown sugar

* Salt

Salt is known to increase blood pressure by holding fluids in the body. Look for the sodium content on food labels and this will let you know how much it contains. If you like salt like many people do, then there are substitutions that you can make like Ms. Dash. Sugar is not good for you either. Sugar contributes to fat in the blood and can cause you to become overweight. Sugar in the raw is a great substitute or sugar free sweeteners. Diabetics are known to use sweeteners in their beverages, desserts and other foods.

Other Foods to Avoid While Dieting

* Soda

* Mayonnaise

* Snack Cakes

* Boxed Meals

* Cheese

* Whole Milk

* Fast Foods

Some people believe that the number one leading problem in America’s obesity generation is the fast foods. Driving through to get that double whopper may sound delicious, but what about all the fat it contains. Many hamburger places use processed foods and processed foods are not healthy eating. Drive through and order a grilled chicken sandwich, on wheat, hold the mayo please, sounds like a better food choice for healthy eating. No restaurant or drive through should take salads off the menu, but of course it has happened. Salads are an excellent healthy food choice for dieters.

Contact The NYC Weightloss Solutions

The NYC Weightloss Solutions can help you by customizing a diet plan just for you. They can recommend healthy food choices and educate you  how to make healthy food selections when shopping or planning a menu. These are the experts when it comes to avoiding bad foods, they know what to choose. People become use to bad habits and making poor food choices that will interfere with their health. Some people think that bad foods are good foods. Even though they may taste wonderful, that does not mean they are healthy. To learn more about foods to avoid while trying to lose weight you can contact the NYC Weightloss Solutions at 1-(212) 759-8118. A professional weight loss specialist will contract you for a free consultation. Don’t put off educating yourself on the healthy food choices that could make a big difference in the way you look and feel.




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