Once you decide to lose weight it can be difficult to sort through all the information available to you.  Between the fad diets, television shows, books, and gimmicks it can be overwhelming to determine what it is best for you.  The reality is that you are unique.  You are your own person both in personality and in your body.  As such, you need a weight loss program that is as unique as you are.

Quick-weight-loss-new-york-doctorCrash diets often promise a speedy weight loss but they can be dangerous.  They restrict calories and nutrients to a point of causing harm to your body.  Most fad diets will recommend that you eliminate one or more food groups, or that you continue eating the same food repeatedly.  These diets are unhealthy because they don’t give your body the balanced nutrition that it needs.  Not only are they harmful in the short run but they are typically unsustainable, causing you more work in the long run.

Another option is the do it yourself approach.  With so many books and programs available this may seem like an inexpensive way to lose weight.  However, a number of research studies have shown that people who try a do it yourself approach to weight loss are less successful than those who participate in a structured/ group program.  They also tend to lose less weight overall.  So finding a structured, personalized weight loss program is the best solution, especially if you have already been unsuccessful on any other plans in the past.

Avoid programs that promise quick results with little or no effort.  If the program promises you will lose more than two pounds per week consistently, it is probably too good to be true.  Healthy weight loss takes time and effort.

The NYC Weightloss Solutions offers you many benefits and a full range of services.  NYC Weightloss Solutions programs include one on one counseling and advice, as well as fitness instruction, meal recipes, diet supplements, and regular weight ins.  In addition they offer invaluable support, and motivation.  The program is tailored for each individual to fit their lifestyle and goals.

Most diet programs fail because they are not suited to the individual.  Finding a weight loss program that is tailored to you and your lifestyle is essential to your success.   To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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