There is no easy answer to “How long does it take to lose weight”.  The reality is that there is no hard and fast rule.  Weight loss is different for every individual.  The time frame it takes will depend on your precision, your behavioral changes, and changing the patterns of your daily life.  Weight loss is not achieved by waving a magic wand, it is not achieved in short periods, but it is a change in your mind set and a change that lasts a lifetime.


Once you have decided to lose weight and have chosen a method for losing that weight you need to consider the precision with which you will follow that program.  If you are loosey goosey with your program you will be detrimental to your weight loss.  Each deviation from your method will set back your weight loss and add to the amount of time it takes to achieve your goals.  Remember that it is all about the investment you are willing to make to lose weight that affects your goals.  The more effort you are willing to put into it the more successful you will be.

Behavioral Changes

Achieving your weight loss goals takes more than just mental stamina it also requires behavioral changes.  Let’s face it you have to change the way you behave in order to lose weight.  There are a number of factors to consider when you look at changing your behaviors.  Only you know which of these factors are most pertinent to you but each of them can affect the time it takes to achieve your goals.

  • Nutrition Control
  • Portion Control
  • Calorie Control
  • Nutrition Education
  • Support/ Accountability
  • Overcoming Obstacles

Pattern of Daily Life

Successful weight loss is more than simply achieving a number on a scale.  It is a change in your way of life.  Take a moment to consider, are you

  • a social eater
  • emotional eater
  • over eater
  • travel a lot for work
  • eat out a lot

Each of these are a different issue and have to be handled differently.  However, simple changes in your daily patterns can drastically affect your success.  Once you change your daily patterns you will be thrilled with your weight loss results.

Remember how long it takes to lose weight will vary but can be drastically affected by you.

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