Food plays an important part in both your health and overall well-being as well as in achieving your weight loss goals.  As you begin your weight loss journey you’ll want to select the right weight loss coach for you.  A weight loss coach that isn’t a good fit for you and your lifestyle won’t be able to give you the support, motivation, and tools necessary to be successful in achieving your goals.  While there are a number of things to consider when selecting a weight loss coach, these are a few of what we consider to be the most important.

Medical-weight-loss-new-yorkConsider your needs

Weight loss doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter mold of one size fits all.  Therefore your personal preferences and needs are extremely important.  You’ll want to find a weight loss coach that will evaluate your overall health and listen to your needs, then tailor your weight loss program to fit those needs.  As you meet with any weight loss coach be sure to consider your preferences, your past experiences with diets, and your budget.  You will also want to consider if you have any special dietary needs like diabetes, allergies, or a heart condition.  If you are a vegetarian, or vegan, or have other ethnic requirements or preferences you will want to discuss those with any potential weight loss coach.

Find a program that is safe

The number of diets on the market promising quick and dramatic weight loss with little or no effort are abundant.  However, these diets fail to provide healthy balanced nutrition that can be sustained.  A slow and steady approach to weight loss is healthier for your body and will be easier to maintain over the course of your weight loss journey.  Additionally, if you lose weight at a healthy rate by making healthy lifestyle changes you will be more successful in keeping the weight off.

Typically, healthy weight loss is an average of one to two pounds per week.  You may find that you lose weight more quickly when you first start your weight loss plan.  However, within four to six weeks you find that you are averaging one to two pounds per week.  In order to achieve this kind of healthy weight loss you’ll want to select a coach that promotes a flexible, balanced, and enjoyable weight loss program that includes daily physical activity.

Choose a coach you can stick with

Too many people start their weight loss journey only to get frustrated, hit a plateau and give up, or lose their motivation.  Take the time to get to know any potential weight loss coach.  You will want to make sure that their personality will work well with yours.  Your coach will be your mentor and hopefully your weight loss buddy.  They’ll offer you motivation, support, and guidance throughout your journey.  Check that they have proper accreditations, and that they have a proven success rate.    You’ll also want to verify their availability.  Some programs will only provide for you to meet with your coach once a week.  Other programs will offer a more hands on approach.  Depending on the amount of additional support you have you’ll need to determine how much availability you need from your weight loss coach.

Selecting the right coach can make or break your weight loss efforts.  Take the time to meet with, and get to know any potential weight loss coaches.  Most programs will offer a free consultation so you can make sure the weight loss coach and program are a good fit for you.   To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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