Blood sugar drops every three to four hours causing you to feel hungry between meals. This is because the body converts carbohydrates into sugar (glucose).  Glucose is the body’s main source of energy.  As food is digested a hormone called insulin is produced by the pancreas.  It then transports the blood sugar into the cells to be converted into energy.  This affects how hungry you are and how energetic you feel.  These are important factors when trying to lose weight.  To be successful in your weight loss you need to balance your blood sugar and keep it balanced.

New-york-nutritionistSome foods are more quickly processed into blood sugar.  Because they are processed quicker they cause the pancreas to work harder and increase insulin production.  This increase in insulin leads the body to believe that plenty of energy is available and that it should stop burning fat.  This is catastrophic to weight loss.  The result is feeling tired and craving more sugary foods.  When you indulge in these cravings the cycle starts all over again.  Essentially creating an endless roller coaster for your body.

In order to combat this endless cycle you need to regulate your blood sugar levels.  There are several ways to regulate your blood sugar levels, however, the following are few tips to help you with maintaining that proper balance.

Never skip a meal.

Skipping meals makes the situation worse by dropping your blood sugar even lower and increasing your cravings.

Eat healthy snacks between meals.

Make sure your snacks are healthy and pre portioned.  Healthy snacks include fruit, like apples and oranges, dairy, and protein.  Also, foods with high fiber slow down the glucose absorption keeping your blood sugar levels more consistent and helping to curb hunger.

Eat frequently.

You should eat every three to four hours.  Eating frequently prevents hunger, provides consistent energy, and helps to effectively maintain blood sugar.

It’s also important to recognize that some people have issues with insulin production.  Their body may produce too little, too much, or may not respond properly to the insulin produced.  If you have any concerns with your blood sugar or insulin levels you should consult your doctor.

Lastly, consult with your weight loss program consultant for healthy choices that fit with your weight loss program. To schedule your free consultation please click below or call Becky Wilborn at (212) 759-8118.



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