Natural weight loss isn’t about starving yourself and you certainly don’t want to subscribe to the latest fad diet that limits your food choices.  Successful natural weight loss is about shifting your mindset to make healthy choices.  Eat, but eat wisely.  Chose foods that are going to give you the best bang for your buck.  If you do this you will lose weight quickly and efficiently without depriving your body of balanced nutrition.

Quick-weight-loss-nyc_-doctorNever skip a meal

Even when you don’t have time to sit down and eat a healthy breakfast you need to give your body something to jolt your metabolism and start your day.  If you have to eat on the run try a breakfast bar, a bagel, or a piece of a fruit.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber has a number of excellent natural weight loss properties.  It will help to balance your blood sugar, which in turn helps to lower your cortisol levels, and that means less cravings.  It also reduces the hormone ghrelin.  It relieves constipation, and it slows the emptying of your stomach so that you stay fuller longer.

Keep healthy snacks on hand

Dried fruit, pretzels, cut up fresh fruits, yogurt are all going to be healthier choices for you than a trip to the vending machine.

Limit sugar and alcohol

Both sugar and alcohol add a lot of calories to your diet but have no other real nutritional value to give.  Limiting these in your diet will help you feel better and eliminate unnecessary calories.

Drink lots of water

Water helps a number of organs in your body, including your kidneys and muscles.  It also help you to stay hydrated and is an essential part of a balanced diet.

Choose an affordable natural weight loss plan that offers support, advice, and a balanced diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

At the NYC Weightloss Solutions we offer several natural weight loss programs that will fit your needs.  Our staff will help you plan the best meals to achieve your goals.  We offer a program that is mindless, portable, easy to follow, and tailored to you.  To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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