Contrary to popular belief, you can lose weight even if your not a top chef in the kitchen.  Successfully losing weight is based on the choices you make.  Make healthy choices and you will be losing weight regardless of whether or not you cook.  There are many ways to deal with a lack of culinary skills in the kitchen.  Here are a few of those solutions that allow you to successfully lose weight even if you don’t really cook.

Ny-nutritionistConsider options that are already prepared for you.  Most grocery stores have pre-made meals that can be purchased.  These pre-made meals range from a roasted chicken to a deli sandwich.  Either can be an excellent choice with minor modifications.  You can also find healthy versions of frozen meals that simply need to be heated.  Soups, salads, and vegetables are also healthy foods that require little or no preparation. 

In today’s busy world, there isn’t always time to cook a healthy meal every night of the week.  Instead try preparing several meal choices on the weekend and freezing them.  A healthy vegetable lasagna can be prepared and frozen days before and then just placed in the oven to cook.  This way you still have control of how the food is prepared and can simply heat it on a busy evening.

Crock pot recipes can be an excellent alternative.  Many cook books offer low fat, low carb recipes for the crock pot.  They can be nutritious and flavorful.  Additionally, crock pot recipes are great for a busy lifestyle.  They offer the freedom of set it and forget it.  By preparing the dish in the morning, or even the night before, you simply set it in the crock pot and let it do the work for you all day long.

Restaurant meals are still an option.  Be mindful of food preparation and always be cautious of portion sizes.  One way to maintain a healthy portion is to put half of your meal in a “to-go” box before you begin eating.  This way you take control of the portion that is on your plate.  Also, notice the healthy choices the restaurant offers.  Many restaurants today have followed the healthy living trend and now offer a “lighter side” menu and/or salad options.  This will offer fewer calories and often smaller portions.

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