Trying to lose weight and reduce your carbohydrate intake doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorite foods and eat flavorless, tasteless, vegetables for the rest of your life.  There are a number of low carb foods available to you.  The most effective way to make your meals is with low car foods that substitute for your favorite foods.  The following is just a small list of some low carb foods that substitute very effectively.

Ny-_Medical-weight-lossMash potatoes

Mashed potatoes can be made into a low carbohydrate version with the substitution of cauliflower.  Fresh cauliflower has a slightly better flavor but any cauliflower can be used just be sure to steam it first. Then add salt and pepper, a butter substitute, and nonfat half and half to steamed cauliflower.  Using a potato masher or blender mash the mixture.  For even better flavor add some roasted garlic.


When its cooked summer squash tastes very much like potatoes. Therefore, you can use it to substitute for hash browns.  Grate the summer squash into thin strips.  Mix it in a bowl with some egg.  The egg will make the mixture stick together so that you can form it into patties.  Cook that in a small amount of olive oil and you have reduced carb hash brown patties.


Spaghetti squash makes excellent spaghetti.  First, cut the squash in half and remove all the seeds.  Then place each half of the squash ion a plate with a quarter cup of water with the cut half of the squash side down into the water.  Microwave the squash for approximately ten minutes or until soft.  Let it cool.  Then scrape out the squash into spaghetti strips and top it with your favorite sauce.


Zucchini can been used as a great substitute for noodles particularly for lasagna noodles.  Slicing lengthwise into approximately three quarter inch strips, cut the zucchini.  Place these strips onto a nonstick cookie sheet at 425 degrees for approximately twenty minutes.  The strips should be firm but not crisp.  These can then be used as a substitute as the noodle in your favorite dish or lasagna.

Sandwiches/ Taco’s

Sandwiches can be delicious but the bread adds a lot of carbohydrates to your meal.  A simple solution to this is to avoid the bread all together.  You can substitute cucumber slices for the bread in your sandwich or simply make the sandwich with the bread.  Use lettuce leaves from romaine lettuce and turn your sandwich into a roll up.  The same is true for tacos.  Use the lettuce to hold the rest of your ingredients for your taco and you can eliminate all those extra carbs.


Salads are great low carb foods that can be used at any meal.  Top your typical salad with cut up chicken pieces, a chopped avocado, or even cut up a hard-boiled egg.  This will add variety to the flavor of your salad without drastically changing your calorie or carbohydrate intake.  Be careful with salad dressings on your salad.  This is where salads get away from people.  A small amount of salad dressing can create a huge difference in your calorie count.  Try a small drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with a tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette instead of a traditional salad dressing.  If you prefer a more traditional salad dressing stick to low fat, low carb versions and use it sparingly, one to two teaspoons is best.

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