The health and fitness industry is only growing, which means finding a really great weight loss coach is getting more challenging. As the number of weight loss coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and other health experts grows, it is becoming harder to find experts who really know what they’re doing.

Below, we’ll talk about a few things to look for to help you zero in on the right weight loss coach in New York for you!

How Long They Have Been in BusinessNy-_Medical-weight-loss

Degrees and certifications are valuable, but a weight loss coach becomes truly effective through experience with many different clients. While weight loss generally works the same for everyone, every client is unique and trouble shooting is often a necessity. Some people may have some elusive factor that is hindering them in weight loss which takes time to clearly identify. Having to work through issues like these over time with a plethora of different clients allows a weight loss coach to gain a kind of knowledge that textbooks simply cannot provide. If you can find a coach who’s got a decade of experience under their belt, it’s a strong indication of their effectiveness – they’ve had many clients and lots of experience, and they’ve been successful enough to stay in business for a long time in a very competitive place like New York.

Methods and Strategies

There are many weight loss coaches who can get you fast results, but they might not do it in a way that is ideal for your body and for long term results. For example, an extreme diet which eliminates all carbohydrates can be effective – for a time. However, eating this way is simply not sustainable. Once you slip up and begin to eat as you usually do, the weight comes on just as fast as it came off. Diet pills may work, but often have chemicals and ingredients you may not want to take into your body. And, as in the case of the no-carb diet, once you stop taking the pill, the weight comes back. You don’t want to be dependent on a pill to maintain your weight.

The answer is to use real, healthy foods, in the right amounts, to lose weight. Food can be taken like a drug – the right prescription for your particular body is the answer. How old you are, how much you weigh, how active you are, and your current body fat percentage are all factors that help a weight loss coach know how much food you should be taking in each day to lose weight. Carbs, protein, and healthy fats should be consumed at the right “dosage” to allow you to lose weight fast and maintain your new weight.

Avoid any weight loss coach who advocates an extreme fad diet you know you cannot realistically sustain or a pill you have reservations about putting in your body.

Available to Keep You Accountable

Here now we come to what is perhaps the most important part of losing weight – accountability and motivation. It doesn’t matter who you hire or how effective their program may be if you don’t have the motivation and accountability necessary to actually follow through. This is especially true if you are busy. You’re going to need someone to keep you accountable, motivated, to help you stay on track if you make a few bad food choices, and to adjust your diet accordingly when it’s no longer effective. The community aspect of losing weight is usually the one most people miss out on, which is a huge reason why most people end up discouraged after trying to lose weight and failing.

Losing weight is hard when you’re alone, and for many of us, it’s nearly impossible. Make sure your weight loss coach has a way of keeping you accountable and of being available to you if you need them.

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The NYC Weightloss Solutions has been helping folks like you lose weight fast and maintain their new weight for over 40 years! We use real food as the primary means of weight loss – no fad diets. And we encourage our clients to come in to see us at least 2 or 3 times each week to stay accountable, motivated, and to weigh in to track their progress. We’ve done it for thousands of people over four decades and we can do it for you, too! To learn more, call us today at (212) 759-8118 or click the link below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and to celebrating with you when you hit your goal!

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