Successful weight loss can involve specific calculation, depending on the individual and specific goals. Some people simply attempt to clean up their diet a bit, adding more fruits and vegetables, and begin exercising regularly, hoping this will be enough to reach their goal. Others try an extreme dieting technique, such as eliminating carbohydrates completely, willing to sacrifice much in order to lose weight rapidly. But sometimes weight loss requires a more scientific approach with a more detailed plan. Below, we’ll look briefly at a few elements of weight loss that may need some specific calculations in order for you to enjoy healthy success.

How Much Weight You Need to Loselose-weight-in-nyc

Sometimes, people think they need to lose more weight than they do in reality. For example, someone who is 6 feet tall and weighs 210 pounds doesn’t need to lose 50 pounds. At 6 feet and 160, they would weigh too little. In fact, sometimes we actually need to gain weight in muscle in order to decrease our body fat percentage, rather than only losing body fat. Your height, weight, waste measurements, and other factors will help an expert calculate the exact amount of weight you need to lose in order to be at a healthy, appropriate weight for you. That may mean losing 30 pounds of fat, or it may mean gaining 10 pounds of muscles and losing 15 pounds of body fat. It simply depends.

How Much Food You Need to Eat

In order to lose weight at a healthy rate, not too fast and not too slowly, you’ve got to have a finely tuned diet that has been calculated accordingly. The number of calories you consume per day, and grams of protein, carbs, and fat you have per meal, will depend on your age, current body fat percentage, activity level, and other factors. In order to get it just right, an expert will calculate the precise numbers to have your losing weight rapidly, but not starving yourself. This part will take some discipline, and the help of a nutritionist is highly recommended, not just for working out the fine details, but for providing the accountability and motivation necessary to stick to the plan!

How Much Water You Need to Drink

Water intake is an essential part of losing weight that many folks who attempt it don’t think about. Being dehydrated is a problem when it comes to losing weight, as it causes you to retain water weight in the form of jiggly flesh around the mid-section. Many people have caffeine first thing in the morning, which dehydrates the body, and don’t have any water at all until lunch time! This is a huge hindrance to weight loss. Start your day with at least three glasses of water before you consume any coffee, and talk to an expert to find out the exact number on how many ounces of water you should consume per day to keep your metabolism high.

Your Body Fat Percentage

You body fat percentage is another important aspect. This number helps calculate how much weight you need to lose in fat, and how much you may need to gain in muscle. It is also helpful to have a goal for your body fat percentage. For example, if you are a male around the age of 30 with a current body fat percentage of 28, an important milestone for you might be to get down to 20 percent body fat, and then you can re-calculate to continue your progress and make your way to 15.

How Much Weight You Want to Lose Per Week

You want to lose weight at a healthy rate. Losing 10 pounds per week continuously probably means something is very wrong. Half a pound per week means your diet and exercise needs to be adjusted to be more effective, or that some other problem is hindering you. While you may lose much more per week initially (much of it may be water weight), 2 or 3 pounds per week in general is great progress. An expert can create a meal plan with all of your numbers and measurements in mind to accommodate this.


The NYC Weightloss Solutions Weight Loss Calculator

The staff at The NYC Weightloss Solutions are well equipped to make all of the necessary calculations for you and to show you how to do it for yourself. Sometimes, even when you’ve made all the right calculations and have followed a well planned diet and exercise routine, an unknown element is still holding you back from experiencing the rapid weight loss your finely tuned plan should be causing. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to accurately identify problems like these and adjust your diet and routine accordingly to help you break through plateaus and make smooth and continuous progress toward your goal weight. If you’d like the help of an expert to properly calculate your weight loss goals, then the folks at The NYC Weightloss Solutions would love to hear from you today. For your free consultation, call us at (212) 759-8118 or click the link below. We’re looking forward to speaking with you, and to providing you with a healthy and effective weight loss program!

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