Identifying the right NYC weight loss clinic for you is a matter of eliminating most of them by using a simple filter or criteria. This criteria is essential for achieving fast, effective, healthy, and sustainable weight loss. There are a million weight loss clinics and diet centers in a place like NYC. Many of them opened this year. Some have only been opened for a few years and are getting ready to close down. Others have been helping folks for decades. Below, we’ll talk about the simple criteria you can use to find the right one.

In order for a weight loss clinic to be the right one for anyone, they must make it through this filter:

  • They must have a long history of success and/or a very high success rate
  • They must offer some way to keep clients accountable and motivated
  • They must use real, healthy foods as the primary tool for losing weight – not a pill or an extreme diet

Let’s get started!

A Long History of Success / High Success RatesNy-nutritionist

Obviously, when looking for the right weight loss clinic, it’s helpful to know that a given clinic has been able to help others. And the more names that are on that list of successful and satisfied clients, the better your chances are of seeing success with them as well. Try to find a clinic that has been doing this for a long time. In a place like NYC, the only way to stay in business for long is to deliver a product that works. If your potential weight loss clinic has opened recently, make sure to ask about their success rates and ask for hard data. They should be able to point you to a list of clients who have achieved their goals, a list of testimonials, and before and after pictures.

The NYC Weightloss Solutions has been helping folks like you lose weight and keep it off for over 40 years! Thousands of people have seen fast results and been able to keep the weight off using our programs.

Accountability and Motivation

Half of the battle, at least, is having a community of people around you to keep you motivated and accountable. One of the main reasons why most people who set out to lose weight ultimately fail or stop short of the results they really wanted to see is that they tried to do it alone. You’ve probably experienced it before – you start strong, but after a few weeks, your program starts to lose its effectiveness. You find yourself at a party where there is plenty of food you shouldn’t be eating – but you eat it. Little by little, your will power breaks down until you’re back eating the way you did before you began your weight loss journey. The weight you lost has come back, or you have at least begun to regress. You end up discouraged, and you keep telling yourself things like, “Okay, I’m starting again on Monday! When Monday comes, I’ll get back on it!”

But the next weekend, you make the same vow. Again, and again. This is why so many of us experience failure and discouragement in weight loss. We tried to do it on our own.

In addition to adjusting your diet as needed, the right weight loss professionals can keep you accountable and motivated. It doesn’t matter how effective a program is if you don’t have the regular, ongoing support you need to follow through with it.

At The NYC Weightloss Solutions, we stay in touch with our clients and encourage them to come in 2 or 3 times per week to check in, weigh in, and stay on track. Without this, many of them would not see the kind of results we are able to help them achieve.

Real Food

Any weight loss clinic that depends on a fad diet or a supplement such as a diet pill is not ultimately going to be beneficial. The reason is that, even if they do get you fast results, those results will be short lived. If you do not learn to eat correctly to lose weight and maintain your new weight, you will put the weight right back on once you stop the fad diet or stop taking the supplement.

The key is to learn how to use real, healthy foods, eaten at the right times and in the right amounts for you to see fast results. This is very difficult on your own. But the right weight loss professional can teach you how, and can prepare you for life post-program.

At The NYC Weightloss Solutions, we use real food as the primary means of losing weight. We do make use of some healthy supplements, but they are only supplements! The most important tool we use is the food you eat.

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