In today’s environment of the quick fix, many people believe that diet soda and weight loss go hand in hand.  It is true than many diet soda’s have very little or no calories.  However, simply lacking in calories doesn’t mean that it is a healthy choice for your life.  While working on your weight loss remember that you don’t have to change all your habits at once.   If you currently drink diet soda don’t feel like you have to give it up immediately to achieve your weight loss goals.  It’s best to work toward your goals a little at time.  However, you do need to be educated and aware and then decide what’s best for your lifestyle and your goals.

Nyc-nutritionistDiet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners.  Purdue University has completed a study that shows a link between artificial sweeteners and a number of health problems.  These health problems include everything from obesity and diabetes, to heart disease.  Additionally, a number of studies have shown that artificial sweeteners have an affect on metabolism and insulin.  It has not yet been determined to what degree they affect them.

Besides having a potential health risk, diet soda and weight loss are not synonymous.  The theory is that by drinking a diet soda you are consuming less calories and that has to be good for your weight loss goals.  Reality isn’t so simple.  Often times people who drink diet soda find they actually gain weight.  This could be because as people believe they are consuming a healthier option with less calories they allow themselves a treat.  That treat might be an extra snack or a other sweets.  Another reason could be because the diet soda triggers a response in the brain that causes an individual to crave calories and sugar.  As a result people inadvertently consume more calories.

There are better options to diet sodas.  Some of these include drinking a low calorie fruit juice, tea, or fat-free milk.  Of course the best alternative is to drink water.  Water is the most natural option.  It has no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dies, or chemicals.  It is the easiest to find and will be the most successful with helping you achieve your weight loss.

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