Been There, Done That

This is not our first rodeo.  We are aware that eliminating bad carbs and exercising in order to lose weight will cause an emotional melt down to some degree.  Nonetheless, most of  us have had diet food withdrawal before and know how to cope. Unfortunately, since the last resolve  to change our family  lifestyle into a healthful one, physicians  have advised that I suffer arthritic sclerotic stenosis of my spine that rules out most exercise. Our family “healthful way of life” conversion will rely on dieting out  bad carbs, stuffing in the good ones, and limiting any exercise in order to lose weight to those exercises performed seated in a comfortable living room chair.

New-york-nutritionist-doctorHappily,  gurus of weight loss now advise that exercise on order to lose weight is not a necessity.  Exercise virtue, in fact, is in the venue of toning muscles and building stamina and pulmonary strength.  Over weight persons determined to change their lifestyle can eliminate the vigorous exercise plans of yesterday and rely on emphasizing low carbohydrates in whole wheat, protein and vitamins and eliminating high carbs found in sugars and flour altogether!

One on One Help is at Hand

At the NYC Weightloss Solutions of NYC, we have trained experts who motivate clients for success.  They will acknowledge the frustrating fact that most  have tried to lose weight before, and had minimal or temporary success.  They have programs created especially for men or women that address each gender’s unique weight issues and chronic problems, all without exercise in order to lose weight..

They have one-on-one coaching with four programs for clients.  A metabolism makeover set of diet plans brings the health up and the weight down. Clients are encouraged to adopt the lifestyle as a Forever change, not one to keep until the weight is gone.  The benefits in client length of life are amazing, with women acquiring longer longevity in comparison to men.  To lengthen  healthy, productive life is by itself a phenomenal achievement without splitting hairs on who gets more. It can be done and without the troublesome exercise in order to lose weight!


Embracing the healthful  life in which bad carbs are eliminated from daily diet is half of the journey to good health and appearance.  The other half is to eat as many of the good carbs daily and devote oneself to good living and long living.


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