When you’re trying to lose weight food becomes a constant thought.  You know you have to reduce your calorie count and consume low carb foods to be successful in reaching your weight loss goals.  But, no one wants to chew on a flavorless rice cake for six weeks.  So, balanced nutrition and variety become essential.

chicken-stir-fryIt’s obvious that you need to avoid the high calorie popular snacks like chips, cookies, ice cream, and candy bars.  These types of foods are often packed with fat and carbohydrates and offer you no real nutritional value.  In order to achieve your goals you want to select low carb foods that are in fiber.  The fiber will help you feel fuller longer and avoid unnecessary cravings.


Eggs are a great choice.  They can be made a number of different ways to give you plenty of variety.  They can be scrambled or made into omelets with any variety of vegetables.  Herbs also allow for a change in flavor and taste.


Obviously, bread is too full carbohydrates.  However, try the same tuna fish placed on a tomato or cucumber slices.  This makes a much healthier low carb foods and is still an equally tasty sandwich.


Salads also make for healthy low carb foods.  You can top your salad with slices from a hard-boiled egg or an avocado.  Just be careful with salad dressings they can quickly add unnecessary calories.  Try using a drizzle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar instead.

Another, excellent choice with salad is to add a protein.  Chicken or pepperoni make great choices.

Peanut Butter

Spread about two tablespoons of peanut butter onto two celery stalks.  This makes a simple and portable snack that is only eight grams of carbohydrates but gives you three grams of fiber.

Yogurt/ Cottage Cheese

Fat free Greek Yogurt or Low fat Cottage cheese make a great base for a snack.  You can add nuts for fiber, or herbs for flavor, even a few slices of fruit for sweetness to a cup of fat free Greek Yogurt or Low fat cottage cheese.  This will give it just about any flavor you like.  In addition to containing protein, they also contain probiotics which help with your digestive health.


Nuts are full of fiber and therefore make an excellent snack choice.  Walnuts are the best choice as they have fewer carbs than other nuts.  They also have antioxidants.  About one ounce of Walnuts contains four grams of carbohydrates and half of that comes from the fiber.  Plus, they can be easily packaged in small amounts and kept in a purse or desk drawer for quick access to a healthy snack.

Fruits and Vegetables

Cleaned and sliced carrot sticks or celery sticks make for a fresh and light snack.   They can be cleaned and sliced and placed in a bag so that they are easily accessible when you are on the go.


Low fat or two percent string cheese is another quick snack idea.  It is prepackaged to make it a simple and easy low carb snack.  You can also wrap a piece of turkey around a piece of string cheese to add protein to your snack.

Ideally, you should choose low carb snacks that contain protein and some fiber.  The more balanced your nutritional choices the easier it will be to lose weight and maintain your new healthy weight once you have achieved your weight loss goals.  These are just a few sample choices but your dietitian will be able to offer you more.    To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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