While food plays an important role in weight loss success, you can be successful in losing weight even if you don’t cook frequently.  Weight loss is more about changing your mindset and living a healthy lifestyle.  This can be accomplished whether you are a top chef, never spend a moment in the kitchen, or anything in between.

Ny-_Medical-weight-lossWhen you do cook be sure to make healthy meals.  If time is an issue for you, consider pre-making meals that can be frozen and heated later in the week.  For example, a healthy vegetable lasagna can be prepared and frozen days in advance and then just placed in the oven to cook.  This way you are still eating a home cooked, healthy meal without challenging your schedule.

Another time saving alternative is crock pot meals.  Today, the internet and cook books are full of low fat, low carb recipes for the crock pot.  These meals can be nutritious, flavorful, and healthy.  Additionally, they tend to require simple preparation and then cook all day without any effort from you.

Some other options are pre-cooked meals from the grocery store.  Most grocery stores have pre-made meals in the deli section.   These meals can range from roasted chicken to deli sandwiches.  By being mindful of the way the food is prepared and making minor modifications these can be healthy alternatives to cooking.

In the grocery store you can also find quick meals that require little preparation.  Soups, salads, and vegetables are just some examples of these.  Additionally, a number of healthy frozen meal choices are available.

Restaurant meals are still an option.  Be mindful of food preparation and always be cautious of portion sizes.  Pay attention to the selection of healthy entree choices the restaurant offers.  Many restaurants today have followed the healthy living trend and now offer a “lighter side” menu and/or salad options.  This will offer fewer calories and often smaller portions.

Whatever food options you are considering be sure to discuss it with your weight loss consultant.  Your consultant is the expert in losing weight.  If you are honest with your consultant about your level of ability in the kitchen they can help you determine a plan the best fits your life.  This will ensure you the best chance of success in losing weight.

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