Losing weight while eating out regularly can be tricky.  However, it can be accomplished.  You need to be inquisitive about how the food is prepared, be very mindful of the portion sizes, and above all else avoid high calorie items like bread.

blueberry-cottage-cheeseMany restaurants today offer a complimentary bread to nibble on while you wait for your meal.  However, most breads lack nutritional value because they are made with refined flour.  In addition, bread is a vary calorie-dense food.  Typically breads contain 70-80 calories per ounce.  Refined breads have less fiber and that means you will eat more of it.  So, while that complimentary bread may smell amazing it can significantly increase your calorie intake for the day.

The trend in restaurants recently has been to increase the average portion size per plate.  When faced with larger portion sizes people tend to unintentionally consume more calories.  If you are not paying attention or are unaware of this trend it can mean significant excess calories.  This is particularly a problem when eating high-calorie foods. Therefor, being aware that many restaurants serve more food than necessary and planning ahead can help you avoid some common portion-size pitfalls.  Make plans before you arrive at the restaurant to split an entree with a friend.  This way you take control of the amount of food that ends up on your plate.  Or, cut your meal in half as soon as it arrives at the table by wrapping it in a “to-go” box before you begin eating. These simple tricks can help you avoid overeating.

Finally, be aware of how the food is prepared.  Chicken grilled on the stove in butter is going to have more of  an impact on your diet than chicken baked in an oven.  Many times people assume that they know how the food is going to be prepared.  However, if you don’t ask then you may be adding calories you are unaware of.  Ask questions.  If the wait staff is unaware they can always check with the chief.  Make substitutions when appropriate.  Apples instead of fries can make a huge impact.

Remember this is your plan.  You can achieve you goals.  By being mindful and prepared before you enter a restaurant you can continue losing weight while eating out regularly.

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