It is very possible to lose weight even without being a top chef in the kitchen.  Even though food plays such a dramatic role in weight loss it doesn’t mean you have to be a top chef.  It does mean that you have to mindful of food preparations, be careful of portion sizes, and make good choices.

lose-weight-in-nycLosing weight without cooking is a mater of healthy choices.  If you chose to eat out, be cautious and mindful.  Pay attention to the healthy choices the restaurant offers.  Many restaurants today have followed the healthy living trend and now offer a “lighter side” menu or salad alternatives.  These options will offer fewer calories and often smaller portions than a regular entree.  Be careful with normal entrees.  Often they are larger than necessary and can affect your total calorie intake for the day.  To avoid the pit falls of overeating consider putting half of your meal in a “to-go” box as soon as it arrives at the table.  This way you remain in control of your portion size and calories.

Another option is pre-made meals at the local grocery store.  Most grocery stores today have a variety of pre-made, ready to eat meals to choose from.  They offer everything from roasted chicken to deli sandwiches.  You can also find healthy versions of frozen meals that will only require heating.

If you are willing and able to do some minor cooking, then consider simple ideas.  Soups, salads, and vegetables are healthy foods that require little or no preparation.  Another simple preparation option is crock pot meals.  Many recipe books offer healthy, fat free crock pot recipes.  One advantage of a crock pot meal is that after the initial preparations you simply set it and forget it.  It will cook all day without any additional work from you.

Most weight loss programs will offer ways of losing weight without cooking.  Sometimes, that comes in the form of purchasing specific food programs or getting prepared menus.  Another option, is meal replacement programs.  Regardless of the program, you should have a weight loss consultant that will help you determine what is the healthiest choices for you.  Be honest with your consultant about your level of ability in the kitchen so that they can help plan the best food options for your success.

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