Losing weight without eating breakfast is a lot harder than you think.  Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day.  People who start the day off with a healthy breakfast make healthier choices and have a lower body mass index, as shown by research.  This is because by skipping breakfast you are starting a cycle of cravings powered by blood sugar spikes and lows.  That spells disaster for losing weight and maintaining weight loss control.

blueberry-cottage-cheeseThere are a number of choices on the market for breakfast.  Sometimes, deciding what to eat can be harder than deciding to eat.  Keep in mind that whole grains will help to keep you feeling full.  Many cereal options are full of whole grains and can be a simple solution to breakfast.  Another choice is eggs.  Studies have shown that two eggs for breakfast will give you higher energy levels for the next eight hours.  However, if you are going to have eggs be cautious of your cholesterol levels.  If you have high cholesterol be sure to consult your doctor about what will be the most healthy choice for you.  Egg white alternatives are also an option.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional.  Many people find they don’t have the time to make a traditional breakfast in the morning.  However, simple solutions that take little or no effort can still offer you a healthy breakfast and maintain your weight loss.  These include yogurt with cereal in it, peanut butter and crackers, granola bars, and protein bars.

The trick to breakfast is to avoid high sugar choices.  Foods like doughnuts, breakfast pastries, and sugary cereals will have a negative impact on your weight loss goals.  Besides being high in calories they also directly affect your blood sugar levels.  This creates cravings as the blood sugar drops and that undermines all the goals of your breakfast.

Realize that breakfast doesn’t have to mean the moment you roll out of bed.  If you aren’t ready to eat breakfast as soon as you get up that’s okay.  Eat when your ready.  Be sure to plan ahead so that when you are ready to eat you will have the foods you need on hand, even if that means two hours later.

Solidify these healthy habits and create a healthier you for your entire lifetime.

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