Once you have chosen a weight loss plan it is essential that you stick with it.  You absolutely should be eating everything on your weight loss plan.  Remember that your body is a finely tuned machine.  Just as you wouldn’t drive your brand new car without proper breaks, you don’t want to risk malnutrition for your body.  All foods work synergistically and therefore you need them all to properly balance your body.  If you leave out important pieces your body can go into starvation mode and that will drastically affect your weight loss.

Screen_Shot_2014-05-22_at_9.33.26_AMStarvation mode occurs when you eat less calories than your body requires.  The misconception here is that if I eat less I will lose more weight.  However, this is completely untrue.  The reality is when you skip meals or reduce your calorie intake too low you disturb your metabolic system.  Your hormones become imbalanced and your body will attempt to conserve energy.  As it tries to conserve energy you will have excess calories which will ultimately lead to weight gain. You also force your body to find alternative sources for energy.  It will use the protein and fat stored in your body for energy instead of for its intended purpose.  The breakdown of fat can lead to the accumulation of ketones which are dangerous to your body.

In addition, the reduction in your calorie intake may cause strong cravings later in the day.  With these cravings you are more likely to make up for the missing calories by eating more at your next meal or snaking between meals.  In addition, this will cause more mental struggles with your weight loss plan and create barriers that may make it more difficult to achieve your goals in the long run.

Consider that all of the foods on your weight loss plan are carefully chosen and planned.  Taking into account not only calorie intake but also nutritional value.  Each food is a balance of your daily nutritional intake.  By omitting a food you can destroy that balance.  The results can be a loss of energy, cravings, or even a reduction in mental stamina.  For these reasons it is essential that you eat all of the items suggested in your program.  Also, you should take any concerns you have and address them with your weight loss provider.


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