Emotional eating can happen for a number of reasons.  Sometimes, it is simple boredom that leads to emotional eating.  Other times it can be related to stress or some other overwhelming emotion.  No matter what the cause of the emotional eating it’s a dangerous habit to employ.  There are a number of emotional eating alternatives but one of the easiest and cheapest is to simply stay busy.


Exercise is one of the great emotional eating alternatives.  Even small amounts of exercise can increase your overall health and your sense of well-being.  It also causes a release of endorphins.  This release of endorphins ultimately makes you feel better.

In addition, exercise can take your mind off of whatever issues are bothering you.  A few laps in the pool can act as period of meditation letting you forget the issues at hand and relax the tension in your body all while helping you to shed pounds.

Studies have shown that regular exercise can increase your self-confidence and lower your chances for depression and anxiety.  It’s also known to help with sleep.  All of which help to ease stress and improve your overall mood.

Try something artistic or creative

Drawing, painting, etc. can be a great release of any emotions that you are struggling with.  You don’t have be an artist or invest a fortune in supplies.  Just a simple splat of paint onto a canvas can be very satisfying.  Often when people struggle with emotions the act of physically creating something with color can help them work through those feelings and then they are able to move on.


Writing is one of the simplest forms of expression.  Don’t worry about what you are righting or try to make any correction.   Simply put your thoughts to paper.  This is an excellent emotional eating alternative because it allows you to express your feelings and work through them but it can also be a great way to take your mind of off your feelings and get creative in other ways.

Talk to a friend

Simply sharing your emotions or taking the time to vent about your day can have a beneficial impact on your mood.  Friends are great for listening and sharing in whatever is troubling you and that support system is great at helping to alleviate the feelings.

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