When you have diabetes maintaining a healthy weight becomes even more essential.  Losing weight is almost a natural form of medication for your diabetes.  Research has proven that losing even just a few pounds can drastically reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and can help control your blood sugar.

Ny-_Medical-weight-lossThere’s no question about it, losing weight will lower your blood sugar and improve your overall health.  However, before you start any weight loss plan be sure to consult with your physician and tell your weight loss program administrator of your condition.  They will want to monitor your blood sugar and insulin very closely because your insulin, and any medications, may need to be adjusted regularly while you are dieting.

Bear in mind that if you have type 2 diabetes it may be more difficult to lose weight.  Unfortunately, when you have type 2 diabetes a number of metabolic changes occur.  These changes may increase your appetite, slow down fat burning, and encourage fat storage.  Additionally, cutting back on just one meal can affect the delicate balance of your blood sugar and insulin in your body.

As such, it is extremely important that you find a diet plan that is tailored to your needs.  There are some diet programs that are specifically designed for diabetics.  These programs will be better equipped to provide you with the proper balance of nutrition and will create a program that will help you eat healthy and exercise, watch your carb intake, and keep your blood sugar in control.

Maintain a strong support system while you are trying to lose weight.  Your family and friends can give both moral support and hand-on help if you need it.  They are an invaluable asset achieving your weight loss goals.

Make changes slowly.  This way you don’t overwhelm yourself or your body.  By making smaller changes you will be able to better gauge how your body is going to react on a small scale instead of risking high or low blood sugar.

Never skip a meal or severely restrict your food intake.  It is essential that you maintain a healthy nutritional balance and keep your blood sugar stable.  Therefore, eat three meals a day and snack between meals.  Fresh vegetable cut up make for an excellent snack source without jeopardizing your sugar levels or calorie intake.

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