Are you having trouble losing weight?  Millions of people struggle to lose weight and it can feel like an uphill battle.  However, there are a number of reasons why you may be having trouble losing weight.  Here are some tips that can help you start shedding those pounds.

Quick-weight-loss-new-yorkDon’t make yourself feel deprived

Losing weight is as much about your mindset as it is a physical activity.  If you create a weight loss plan that leaves you feeling deprived then you are setting yourself up for failure.  Create a weight loss plan that fits your individual needs and lifestyle.  Balance your meals and be aware of your calorie intake and that will make losing weight easier.

Make food substitutions

Making healthy food substitutions can make your weight loss more successful.  For example substitute yogurt for sour cream, or steamed vegetables for mashed potatoes.   Perhaps try making your own pizza with a whole wheat crust and low-fat ingredients.  These simple substitutions can make a huge impact on your success.

Drink plenty of water

If you are craving something but you can’t figure out what it is, it might be you need more water.  Water is extremely beneficial to your weight loss.  If you have difficulty drinking enough water try using some zero calorie flavored waters.  These can be very useful in satisfying cravings and helping to increase your weight loss.

Pay attention to portion sizes

Pay particular attention to portion sizes.  One simple way to reduce the number of calories you consume is to simply reduce the portion sizes of the food you eat.  If you are eating out request a to-go box with your meal.  As soon as the food arrives place half of your meal in the to-go box.  This way you take control of the calories you consume.


Give yourself a strong support network.  Losing weight is always easier when you have people on your side.  Whether that is family, a spouse, or people at your weight loss center their support can be invaluable to achieving your goals.

Ultimately, losing weight isn’t easy.  Have strategies planned out in advance to help you.  This way you don’t have to feel like your weight loss goals are impossible.  If you’re having trouble consult with your weight loss program provider or your physician.  Remember, successful weight loss take times.   To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.



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