Finding a weight loss programs NYC, could be as simple as looking in the yellow pages.  But how do you know which one is right for you?  How do you know if the weight loss programs NYC are going to be comfortable and lead you to success?  How do you know which weight loss programs NYC are safe and healthy?  At the NYC Weightloss Solutions, we offer a variety of programs that are safe, healthy, mindless, portable, easy to follow, and tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Medical-weight-loss-nyAfter thirty years of success, The NYC Weightloss Solutions has a real handle on what it takes to achieve weight loss success.  With any one of three programs in combination with exercise and your choice of optional supplemental products success is right around the corner.

When you begin researching weight loss programs you will find that most weight loss programs NYC are going to offer you at least one of the following options.

A full meal replacement program.

This type of program will have the largest divergence from your daily routines.  You will completely change the food you eat.  Eating only the food listed in your meal replacement program for approximately twelve weeks.  At the end of the twelve week period you will transition back to regular foods.

A partial meal replacement program.

This type of program is somewhat less invasive.  Meal replacement shakes or meal replacements will be eaten for one to two meals per day, usually breakfast and lunch.  Then you will eat a regular sensible dinner.

The no meal replacement program.

This program will be the most like normal eating.  This plan will rely on you choosing and preparing appropriate foods.  You will use your own recipes or recipes created by your weight loss coordinator and will follow the plan they help you develop.

However, at the NYC Weightloss Solutions we are going to take a more balanced approach to your weight loss.  We offer more options than most weight loss programs NYC.  Being able to offer a more diverse range of weight loss options helps us achieve a more personalized and tailored weight loss plan which results in a more targeted and successful weight loss.  Our programs combine excellent nutrition, behavior management, and moderate exercise to give you the balanced approach you need to reach your weight loss goals quickly and efficiently in the healthiest manner possible.  By using this balanced approach not only do you have a better chance at success but you will be able to maintain your weight after you have completed the program.

Here we recognize that not everyone has the same body issues, eating habits, or weight loss goals.  So, the most important feature of our weight loss program is its individuality.  You want a weight loss center that listen to your needs, goals, and lifestyle and figures out how to help you without completely changing your life.  You might be a diabetic, a vegetarian, or a vegan.  You might have specific health issues that limit the foods you can eat.  You might travel a lot for work and can’t take a prepackaged meal with you every day.  Whatever your personal situation our staff will listen to your needs and develop a plan that is just right for you.  Currently, we offer three types of programs.

The Exclusively You program has been used for over forty years.  It has been refined to be highly effective and easy to use.  It focuses on eating higher proteins and lower carbohydrates.

The 21-Day Thermogenics or Metabolic Makeover program creates the ultimate fat burning mode.  It combines specific foods and nutrients with spices and herbs to put the body into fat burning mode and suppress the appetite.  Using the high protein, lower carb diet makes losing weight quick and effective.

One of the quickest, and still healthy, diets available is DIETFAST.  This program produces rapid fat loss through the meal replacement program.  Unlike other meal replacement programs this one uses “real foods” that have been selected for their fat burning qualities.

In addition to your weight loss program we also offer a number of supplemental products.  These products are specifically designed to help complement your weight loss program and stimulate a quicker weight loss result.  They function as integral part of some of our weight loss diets and as an optional addition to others.  Ultimately, the NYC Weightloss Solutions products help you achieve maximum results on your NYC weight loss plan, and since they are designed by The NYC Weightloss Solutions they are a trustworthy alternative to the traditional diet products on the market.

With our program weight loss is not an oppressive subject.  We always want you to feel safe and comfortable.  We will be available and accessible to you.  We understand that weight loss is difficult and individual so we never expect perfection.  Instead we hope you will feel encouragement, motivation, and positive reinforcement.

Our staff is always very accessible to our clients.  We encourage you to come in as often as you need.  We are also available by phone or email for added personal advice and support.  This way, no matter where you are you will always have support and motivation.  We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. After all, we’re only as good as your success.  To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.



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