The market today is flooded with options when you are looking for weight loss programs NYC.  Sorting through all the information can be a tedious task.  How do you know what weight loss programs NYC will be right for you?  How do you sort through the fad diets, television shows, and gimmicks that all promise quick results but don’t always deliver on those promises. Your best bet is to find a program with a weight loss coach.  When you are trying to lose weight a weight loss coach can change your life.  Especially, if you have already tried to lose weight in the past and have been unsuccessful.  As a part of your weight loss programs NYC the weight loss coach will assist you in reaching your weight loss goals and achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Quick-weight-loss-nyc_-doctorSimply put fad diets promise speedy weight loss but fail to deliver in a healthy way.  They restrict calories and food choices to the extreme.  Most fad diets will recommend that you eliminate one or more food groups, or that you continue to eat the same food repeatedly.  This lack of balanced nutrition is unhealthy and can cause harm to your body, ultimately leading to a loss of muscle mass and slowing in your metabolism.  Not only are these diets unhealthy but they are also unsustainable.  You will tire of eating the same foods day after day and that makes it difficult to maintain the diet.  As a result most people put on any weight that they lost and then some.

A number of people will try a do it yourself approach to weight loss.  With all the books and shows available this often appears to be a great approach.  However, it often appears to be more than it is.  Research has shown that success on a do it yourself program is statistically less successful that people who participate in a structured program.  They also tend to lose less weight overall.  This means that your best option is to find the weight loss programs NYC that work for you.

A successful program will be tried and true.  It won’t make promises that it can’t back up with a proven track record.  If you are researching a program and it feels too good to be true, then it probably is.   A healthy weight loss is about two to three pounds per week on average.  Any program that promises a higher percentage of weight loss is more likely to be unhealthy.

When you find the right program you will meet with your weight loss coach for the first time.  This coach will be dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.  They will give you questionnaires to fill out and will ask you a number of questions.  While this may feel invasive, it is the best way that they can help you.  They will evaluate your overall health as well determine some important factors about your lifestyle.  For example, if you travel a lot for work you don’t want a meal replacement plan that you have to try and pack with you.

Your weight loss coach won’t just evaluate your health and walk away.  They will become your mentor and advocate.  They will help you every step of the way until you achieve your weight loss goals.  As trained experts in their field, who have achieved a certificate in their filed they are the best equipped to help you develop a plan that will offer you balanced nutrition as well as success in achieving your goals.  Ultimately, they will help you to shift your mindset so that your weight loss success also translates into a sustainable and maintainable weight after you have achieved your desired goals.

Most weight loss programs NYC that fail do so because they follow a cookie cutter mold and are not tailored to the individual needs of their clients.  However, at the NYC Weightloss Solutions we offer you a full range of services and products.  Our staff is highly trained and extremely accessible to you at all times.  This way you never feel like you have to do this alone.  In addition to on-on-one counseling and advice we also offer optional, healthy diet supplements and meal replacement programs.  You will also get fitness instruction, healthy meal recipes, and weekly nutritional emails full of support and motivation.  We conduct regular weigh-ins to track your progress and to adjust your program to fit your changing needs.  This way your program is always tailored for you and your lifestyle and goals.  That way you can achieve the most success in the shortest amount of time.  When you decide that you’re ready to find the weight loss program for you that is tailored to your life and will help you achieve success then schedule your free consultation, please click below or call (212) 759-8118.



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