The biggest secret to natural weight loss is that you have to eat.  It seems so simple, but too many people get wrapped up in cutting calories to the point that they literally are starving their bodies.  Weight loss is a delicate balance between the calories you consume and the calories you burn.  So, what you eat becomes extremely important.

Medical-weight-loss-doctor-new-yorkFruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense.  They’re full of water and fiber which help you to feel full longer.  They are rich in nutrients but don’t have very many calories.  So, you can eat more fruit or vegetables without blowing your diet.


Using mushrooms as a substitute for beef can reduce the number of calories you consume.  Many people have felt just has full and satisfied by eating mushroom based entrees as when they ate the same dishes prepared with beef.  This is a great substitution to still eat the foods you love but at a fraction of the calories.


Oatmeal and bran cereal are slow release carbohydrates.  By eating these foods before you exercise you will burn larger amounts fat during your workout.  This is because slow release carbohydrates don’t cause the body to react so drastically.  The blood sugar remains more level and as a result there isn’t an excess of insulin in your body telling your body to store fat.

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber has a number of excellent natural weight loss properties.  It will help to balance your blood sugar, which in turn helps to lower your cortisol levels, and that means less cravings.  It also reduces the hormone ghrelin.  It relieves constipation, and it slows the emptying of your stomach so that you stay fuller longer.

Natural weight loss isn’t so much about starving yourself and you certainly don’t want to subscribe to the latest fad diet that limits your food choices.  Successful natural weight loss is about shifting your mindset to make healthy choices.  Eat, but eat wisely.  Chose foods that are going to give you the best bang for your buck.  If you do this you’ll lose weight quickly and efficiently without depriving your body of balanced nutrition.

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