So, you are going to lose weight.  You’ve done your homework, and you know that fad diets are unhealthy and unsustainable.  You also know that a do it yourself approach is less likely to be successful.  But, what does a weight loss clinic NYC have to offer you?  Once you sign up with a weight loss clinic NYC what assurances do you have and what are you going to get for you money?  While every weight loss clinic NYC is going to be different in the specifics of their program, there are some general similarities for all weight loss clinic NYC.

New-york-_Medical-weight-loss-doctorHealth Evaluation

When you sign up to lose weight, you are going to get an overall health evaluation.  This is usually done by a dietitian or a nutritionist.   They will sit down with you and discuss both your general health and weight loss goals.  They will also have you complete a questionnaire to give them a better idea of the areas in which you struggle.  This will also let them know if you have any special dietary needs they need to take into consideration, like diabetes, hypoglycemia, or if you are a vegetarian.  This evaluation gives them a better picture overall that they will then use to help you select a plan that will work for you.


Weigh-ins come standard with just about any weight loss clinic.  The differences may be in how or how often they want you to weigh-in.  Some programs will have a meeting once a week and you will weigh in at those meetings.  At the NYC Weightloss Solutions, you will be weighed on a weekly basis just like other programs.  However, the NYC Weightloss Solutions, will also take body measurements on a regular basis.  Body measurements help to show the progress that you making and any areas that might need some extra work.  The NYC Weightloss Solutions will also perform a Body Composition Analysis on a periodic basis.  A body composition analysis is a more accurate measurement of healthy weight.  It’ll ensure that you are losing fat and keeping lean muscle tissue.

Adjustment/ Flexibility

After each weigh-in you’ll meet with your weight loss counselor and they’ll help you to make any necessary adjustments.  Weight loss is a journey and as such no one jumps on the first weight loss program and instantly achieves their goal weight.  They’ll help you through the process and make adjustments to your program anytime you get stuck or reach a plateau.

Personal attention

All weight loss clinic NYC, will set you with a weight loss counselor.  That person will help you chose your program, monitor you success, and work with you on achieving your goals.  However, some weight loss centers will offer more personal attention and support.  Simply put, The NYC Weightloss Solutions prides itself on service. They’ll ensure you get personal attention, continuous support, and the understanding that you need.  At the NYC Weightloss Solutions they believe your care is an integral part of helping you successfully reach your weight loss goals.


Most weight loss clinic NYC will have products available.  Depending on the weight loss center you choose will depend on the products that they have available for purchase.  At the NYC Weightloss Solutions, they offer a multitude of products designed specifically with their clients in mind.  The products help to make your diet more enjoyable and satisfying while giving your body a boost in fat burning ability.  This helps you to lose more weight quickly.  They also have plenty of snacks to meet your nutritional needs and satiate your hunger without jeopardizing your weight loss plan.  They even have gum that helps you burn fat.

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced nutrition is an essential piece of weight loss.  The reason so many fad diets fail is because they fail to provide the proper nutrition to be healthy.  You want to be sure the program is offering you enough calories to keep your body functioning properly and that those calories offer balanced nutrition.  Any deficits in your nutrition can lead to health problems and will make it more difficult for you to lose weight.  Additionally, you want to lose weight gradually.  A gradual approach will ensure that your weight loss is sustainable for the long haul.

Counseling/ Support

Support and motivation are key to weight loss success.  Without a strong support system weight loss becomes extremely difficult.  Some plans will have weekly support meetings or weigh-ins.  Other plans offer free unlimited sessions per week and be more accessible to their clients.  At the NYC Weightloss Solutions, they offer one on one coaching.  These private sessions are from a staff that genuinely cares about your weight loss.  As such they’re accessible by phone, email, or in person.  So you can reach someone anytime that you need added motivation or support.

In addition to these more common services, the NYC Weightloss Solutions also provides a number of other services.  They offer weekly tips and dieting information.  This ranges from topics on your general health, to weight loss, to behavior and nutritional information.  They will also help you to learn about proper nutrition, give you tips for stress management, teach about food selection and behavior modification and more.  They will cover how to achieve balance nutrition that is healthy and sustainable for your body.  You will receive all the motivation and support that you need to succeed.  To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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