When you have decided not to go it alone, and you have filtered through the fad diets, you may begin wondering what a diet center has to offer you.  All diet centers will offer you a number of services.  However, for the best chances at achieving your weight loss goals you will want to choose the diet center that offers you the most complete and useful set of services.  We believe you will find the NYC Weightloss Solutions is that place.

New-york-nutritionistPersonal attention and service.

At the NYC Weightloss Solutions we pride ourselves on service.  We know how difficult and individual weight loss can be so we take the time to give you one on one personal attention.  This way we can better understand your needs and your goals.  This continuous support means that we are better able to help you achieve your goals.

Weekly weigh-ins

Weekly weigh-ins help to track your success.  However, they also help to adequately track when your weight loss program needs to be adjusted.  In addition to the weekly weigh-ins we will also take regular body measurements and a body composition analysis will be taken periodically.  This information not only helps us track your progress but it also helps us ensure that you are losing fat and keeping lean muscle tissue.  This way we can ensure that you will not only be successful in losing weight but also in maintaining your new weight.

Continual adjustments to ensure success

Since we use a more accurate and healthy way of measuring your weight loss, we are better equipped to track your progress.  This way if you reach a weight loss plateau or are struggling with your weight loss we can adjust your program to ensure your success.

Support and motivation

Our staff genuinely cares for each person they help.  They are easily accessible in person, with private sessions, or by phone or email.  At the NYC Weightloss Solutions you will never get lost in the crowd.


The NYC Weightloss Solutions is an innovative leader in developing healthy weight loss products.  These products are both satisfying and nutritional.  We offer everything from meal replacement products, to snacks, to gum that helps you burn fat.  While some of these products are an integral part of some of our weight loss programs and can stimulate quicker weight loss results they are always optional.

Weekly tips and information

Each week we will send you information to help you reach your goals.  These tips will cover a wide range of topics.  We will teach about proper food selection, nutrition, behavior modification, self-direction, stress management, sensible exercise and more. You will receive all the motivation, support and knowledge you need to help you succeed.

You will find that we truly care about the people we help and our invested in seeing them achieve success.  Not only do we help you achieve your weight loss goals but we help you shift your mindset so that you can successfully maintain your new weight.  With our programs you get non-judgmental one-on-one support, unlimited coaching visits each week, 4 different programs to choose from all designed to be easily followed, blood sugar stabilization so that you are never left feeling hungry, a place where you can feel emotionally safe.

Because of our programs our clients achieve much more than just weight loss success.  The results are usually life changing and include improved self-esteem, improved energy, and better sleep.  They also often find new relationships, and new jobs.  This better healthier lifestyle also leads to less illness and renewed vitality.  Rachel is just one of our successful clients.  The following is what she has to say about the program.

Rachel W  

NYC Weightloss Solutions is unique! It provides one-on-one meetings without the one-on-one cost! Becky, Liz & Linda genuinely care & they take the time to get to know you, so that they can uncover what approach to take to help reach your weight loss goals! The meals are convenient & delicious! This was the 1st program (I have tried them all), that encouraged behavior modification exercises, such as writing affirmations & discussing thoughts & feelings surrounding weight loss obstacles & successes. I really enjoyed the luxury of calling in to the ladies, as many times as necessary for support between meetings. Not only did I reach my weight loss goals with NYC Weightloss Solutions, but I learned about myself! I was provided with nutritional information, along with positive reinforcement & guidance throughout the entire program!! I strongly recommend this plan!

With our program weight loss is not an oppressive subject.  We work hard to give you encouragement, motivation, and positive reinforcement.  There is never an expectation of perfection.  Instead, we focus on healthy lifestyle changes and shifting your mindset.  This way you can build on your skills and have healthy lifestyle even after you have achieved your weight loss goals.  But don’t take my word for it, come in and check us out for yourself.  To schedule your free consultation please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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