Weight loss is journey.  Before and after weight loss success comes from successfully completing this journey.  It is a marathon laden with twists and turns, hills and valleys.  It is not a sprint and it doesn’t come with a magic potion that will teleport you to the finish line.   But like every journey it does have a beginning and an end.  The success stories with the wonderful before and after weight loss pictures can be moving and motivational.   Even though you may feel skeptical about the success of others, and you might wonder how or why they were so successful, you will find that every success story has one thing in common.  The journey.  Each persons journey is different and the time it takes to achieve success is different but they all used patience, perseverance, and hard work to journey to success.  To achieve your own before and after weight loss success story you will need to do the same.


Obviously, no one wakes up one morning to find they magically gained weight.  Unfortunately, just as it took time to put on any extra pounds, it will take time to shed those unwanted pounds.  Of course, there are a number of diet plans or programs that will claim to magically melt the weight off, or lose inches overnight.  However, these fad diets have been proven to be unhealthy and unsustainable.  Sustainable, healthy weight loss takes time.


It’s easy to get caught into a roller coaster ride of weight loss.  Many people achieve some success with weight loss, only to quickly put the weight back on.  This is often as a result of “rewarding” success.  If you allow yourself to slip back into old eating habits, or reward your success with unhealthy choices you will undermine any success you have had.  Instead, you need to shift your mindset.  Always, look at your weight loss journey as the road to healthy living.  Even after you have achieved your desired weight loss you will still want to make healthy choices to keep the weight off.

Hard Work

It’s easy to gain weight.  Most people do so without even realizing they’ve done it.  Have you ever stepped on the scale and wondered when, or how did that number change?  Unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t work the same way.  It takes conscious effort.  Now, that doesn’t mean you have to spend 40 hours a week in the gym.  It does mean that you can’t eat mindlessly.  It does mean thinking ahead and planning.  For example, if you know you have a busy day today you might want to bring some precut fresh fruit or vegetables in a lunch box to snack on.  That way you don’t need to run to the vending machine.

If you are patient with yourself and your body, and you continue to persevere, and change the way that you look at food you can achieve your own before and after weight loss success story.  Just like these success stories.


NYC Weightloss Solutions is unique! It provides one-on-one meetings without the one-on-one cost! Becky, Liz & Linda genuinely care & they take the time to get to know you, so that they can uncover what approach to take to help reach your weight loss goals! The meals are convenient & delicious! This was the 1st program (I have tried them all), that encouraged behavior modification exercises, such as writing affirmations & discussing thoughts & feelings surrounding weight loss obstacles & successes. I really enjoyed the luxury of calling in to the ladies, as many times as necessary for support between meetings. Not only did I reach my weight loss goals with NYC Weightloss Solutions, but I learned about myself! I was provided with nutritional information, along with positive reinforcement & guidance throughout the entire program!! I strongly recommend this plan!


4 months and 45 pounds ago, I called Becky to make my first appointment. I had seen the information about NYC Weightloss Solutions on the internet and just decided to just call and see. It just so happened that there was a cancelation that day and about an hour later I found myself, for the first time, sitting in Becky’s office. Since I had not eaten anything yet that when I went to NYC Weightloss Solutions that day, a part of my routine of not eating all day and then justifying a big dinner, Becky thought that there was no reason for me not to start immediately. I hoped that I would lose weight but I had no idea that this would be the first day of a journey back to finding me…

Becky became my cheerleader, always positive and encouraging. Becky truly cares about the success of everyone who walks in the door; she even sent postcards to her clients during her vacation in Hawaii. Not only did she make losing weight easy, but with her as my guide, something that I could stop worrying about. Becky told me what to eat and I just followed her directions, didn’t cheat, and found myself losing weight every time I saw her. She made me feel positive and confident that I would feel good about myself again. Going to NYC Weightloss Solutions was a gift that I gave myself and one that was truly priceless.

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