It is well known that carbs, especially highly processed carbs, are a huge reason why so many Americans are struggling with weight problems. While we at The NYC Weightloss Solutions do not advocate extreme diets that completely eliminate carbs, it is absolutely true that cutting carbs down to an appropriate amount is necessary in order to successfully lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Below, we’ll talk briefly about how and when to consume certain carbs, a few low carb foods to incorporate into your diet, as well as why eliminating carbs altogether is not ideal.

When to Eat Your Grainschicken-stir-fry

You shouldn’t completely take grains out of your diet unless told to do so by a doctor. Healthy whole grains are a good source of energy and there is no reason why we shouldn’t eat them in moderation. The time to eat your grains, such as bread, oatmeal, rice, etc, is in the morning. Having a good sized breakfast with grains and plenty of protein is a great way to start your day. The problem that plagues many Americans is a habit of having grains in every meal – toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and a pasta dish for dinner. If you want to begin to get your weight under control, try limiting your consumption of grains to the morning, or at least to the morning and early afternoon. Make dinner a meat and veggies meal, no grains allowed!

Low Carb Foods for Weight Loss


Berries, such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are delicious and low carb. Many of us tend to over-indulge in bananas and dried fruits as a source of fruit in our diets. However, while you do not need to cut these out completely, they are sugary and high in calories. Instead of raisins on cereal for breakfast, have a mixture of nuts and berries in a high-fiber cereal. Instead of a banana for a snack, try a small bowl of strawberries.


Eat as many green veggies as you like. You can’t over-consume these, and some of them, such as brussel sprouts, will help you to feel full. For dinner, try a chicken stir fry. Fry up a ton of assorted veggies with a chicken breast and season it with olive oil and balsamic, or another non-sugary sauce or dressing.


Peanuts and cashews (which are technically legumes), almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and other nuts are a great, low carb source of energy and a good supplement for other, more sugary snacks like trail mix.

Lean Proteins

Many Americans have an over abundance of highly processed carbs in their diets and a lack of good protein. Make sure that each meal has a piece of lean protein about the size of your palm. This will help you feel full longer and help keep your carb consumption limited.

No Need to Get Crazy

Don’t feel like you need to use an extreme fad diet to lose weight. Carbs are not the enemy – over consuming processed carbs is the enemy. If you completely eliminate carbs from your diet, you will lose weight fast, but this way of eating is not sustainable. You’ll be low on energy, your will power will give out quickly, and as soon as you begin eating normally again, you’ll put the weight right back on. Take a slightly longer approach and seek to limit your carbs to certain times and at the right amounts.

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