Weight loss starts with breakfast. Most people don’t even think to stop their morning routine for a bite to eat. They think breakfast takes time and effort away from the busy day ahead. Why inhale some calories when you know a thousand more will follow during the day? Breakfast is crucial to get your day going and is the fuel that runs that entire day ahead.


Your body is hungry for the fuel that keeps it going once it wakes from sleep. Eating a small breakfast gives you the fuel you need to last until lunch. Proteins like eggs and dairy products help you feel fuller longer. Whole grain cereals mixed with fruit or toast with a dollop of peanut butter are perfect examples of fueling your body.


You aren’t going to actually starve to death without breakfast, but your body may actually go into a starvation mode. Weight loss happens when your metabolism is working to burn consumed calories. When you skip breakfast, this metabolism slows down thinking the body is starved. This leads to nibbling throughout the morning then consuming large amounts of calories at later meals. The body is confused and won’t let go of calories for fear it is being starved.


Working out and eating healthy are partners in the weight loss journey. Eating breakfast starts the day with the motivation you need to exercise. Exercise will boost your metabolism throughout the day. You will soon see results and feel even more motivated to keep climbing towards your goal.

What You Eat

Breakfast doesn’t mean scarfing down anything in the cabinet each morning. Cereals packed with sugar and pastries packed with filling are not going to do the good you need each morning. Sugars and carbohydrates allow you to crash later in the day making you feel hungry quicker and leave you reaching for more goodies. Eating foods high in protein will keep you going and won’t allow you to crash.

No Excuses

It’s easy to say you don’t have time for breakfast. You have time to atleast pour a glass of fruit juice and grab an orange from the refrigerator. Many breakfast bars are lower in sugar and perfect for a quick breakfast on the way to work.

Grab some breakfast and start your weight loss journey today!

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