Stress plays a huge role in your everyday life, and it can wreak havoc on your eating habits.  As a result of stress, the balance of hormones in your body changes.  This change can have a drastic effect on your health.  For many people the changes in hormones leads to overeating or indulging in less healthy food choices.  However, for some people the slightest hint of stress causes anxiety and that leads to skipping meals and a loss of appetite.  For this reason, the way that you handle stress can cause weight loss and diabetes.

Ny-diet-planFor some people stress can cause drastic unintentional weight loss.  For these people the high levels of stress cause a feeling of anxiety.  This anxiety leads to a loss of appetite, or a feeling of fullness even though they have just begun to eat.  Additionally, this high level of stress creates a change in their focus and may cause them to simply forget to eat.  As a result they eat less and consume only a minimal amount of calories.  Without balanced nutrition you are at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies which can have serious and long term consequences for your health.

Additionally, as a result of the stress, the body releases a hormone called Cortisol from the adrenal glands.  This hormone regulates both blood pressure and the body’s use of macronutrients.  It also affects your body’s ability to convert sugars into energy.  Typically, cortisol provides sustained energy.  However, too much cortisol will suppress thyroid function, lower the immune system, and can imbalance your blood sugar leading to diabetes.

There are a number of things you can do to minimize the effects of stress.

Never skip a meal 

The body requires balanced nutrition to remain healthy.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and burn calories.  It also releases endorphins which help you to feel better.


Try working on a hobby or talking with a friend.  Taking the time to relax will help to reduce any stress you’re feeling.

Even though stress and weight loss may feel like a happy coincidence, it’s an unhealthy way to lose weight.  Stress and weight loss do not go well together for your overall long term health.  If you’re experiencing weight loss due to stress it is important for you to see your health care professional.

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