Making the decision to lose weight is life changing. You stand in the mirror each day and say aloud, “I am trying to lose weight.” Everything is in place and in line for you to fight the calories, but there are so many questions surrounding the right and wrong way to cut calories. Most people think losing weight is mainly about cutting out sugar, fats and carbohydrates. Someone focused on their goals of losing weight must think about liquid consumption as well. Drinking alcohol in small servings seems harmless to your waistline, but can be quite deceiving.

Ny-_Medical-weight-loss-doctorDaily Caloric Intake

Dieters know how many calories they can consume each day to reach their goals. Drinking your calories adds up quickly. A glass of wine or a light beer has about 150 calories. This may seem like a small amount, but having just one is difficult for some dieters. Those 150 calories may also push you over the limits of your caloric intake that day. Drinking a simple Jack and Coke or Sprint and vodka can double these numbers. A 6 ounce glass of wine or 1 ounce of liquor or beer can set your weight loss efforts back by three days. Most wine glasses can hold up to 12 ounces. A serving for a glass of wine is only 5 ounces. Filling up that wine glass could be filling up your caloric intake. One shot of tequila alone is only about 100 calories. This morphs into over 500 calories when you swirl it into a sugar-coated margarita mix.

Alcohol Content

Alcohol itself isn’t going to make you fat. There is no such thing as a “beer belly.” Many dieters think it’s just fine to take shots of vodka or drink vodka tonics without fear of calories. The problem with this thought is that alcohol is actually processed in the body before carbohydrates and fats. This metabolic environment creates a slow, low circulating digestive system. The digestive system is slowed no matter how many calories were in your drink. You are set back with the alcohol itself.

Drinking while trying to lose weight can be hazardous to your weight loss goals. Don’t let your time and effort towards your goal weight be taken away by the satisfaction of an alcoholic beverage. Smile and tell yourself, “I am trying to lose weight.” Confidently look towards your goal and be proud of yourself.


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