It is possible to lose weight if you drink alcohol.  However, you will not be as successful.  The reality is that losing weight and drinking wine do not go together.  A simple glass of wine can have detrimental effects on your weight loss program.  It will reduce your inhibitions, add unnecessary calories, decrease your water level, and reduce your quality of sleep.  Each of these areas affect the success of your weight loss program.

Quick-weight-loss-new-yorkAlcohol is a Toxin

Alcohol is digested differently than other foods.  It takes first priority in the digestive process because it is viewed by the body as a toxin.  When the body’s primary focus is to process the alcohol, it will not properly break down other foods.  These other calories are then converted into body fat and stored by the body.

Unnecessary Calories

While working to achieve your weight loss goal you are no doubt counting your calories very carefully.  However, any alcoholic beverage will add unnecessary and unproductive calories.   In a recent study conducted by the USDA, they found that a 3.5 ounce glass of red wine contains approximately 74 calories.  The same size glass of white wine contained 70 calories, and blush wine contained 73 calories.   No vitamins were found.  These are empty calories that give you no nutritional benefit.

Reduced Inhibitions/ Increased Cravings

Everyone knows that alcohol lowers your inhibitions, and that the more alcohol you drink the lower your inhibition levels become.  Even a small glass of alcohol alters your state of mind and stimulates your appetite and cravings.  With reduced willpower and increased cravings you are more likely to indulge in greasy and/or fried foods that diverge away from your weight loss goals.


Adequate water supply is a necessary tool to any weight loss program.  Water reduces cravings and helps with the digestive process.  Alcohol, however, is a diuretic.  It will cause water loss and dehydration.

Reduced Quality of Sleep 

While drinking may help to initially induce sleep it limits your ability to achieve a deep sleep.  As a result you will feel less rested.  This can trigger you to eat more calories the next day.

All of these issues contribute to the idea that losing weight and drinking wine don’t go together well.  Avoid sabotaging your weight loss program by avoiding alcohol in all forms.

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