Maintaining weight loss goals when you are meeting friends for drinks can seem daunting.  Is it even possible to maintain under these circumstances?  Yes, it is.  There are a number of ways that you can enjoy a night out with friends without completely derailing your weight loss plan.

Nyc-diet-planFirst, consider non-alcoholic choices.  Since the body views alcohol as a toxin it takes priority in the digestive process.  Additionally, alcohol has seven calories per gram and no vitamins or minerals.  These are empty calories that give you no nutritional benefit.  While working to achieve your weight loss goals you are no doubt counting your calories very carefully.  So unnecessary and unproductive calories can be detrimental to maintaining your weight loss goals.  When the body’s primary focus is to process the alcohol, it will not properly break down other foods.  These other calories are then converted into body fat.  Therefore, if you can, you should make non-alcoholic substitutions.  Try having a virgin mary, seltzer, or a skim milk cappuccino.

Secondly, if you do decide to partake in alcoholic beverages make wise choices.  Substitute diet soda.  Drink in moderation.  Adequate water supply is a necessary tool to any weight loss program.  Alcohol, however, is a diuretic and as such it will cause water loss and dehydration.  So, have a glass of water or seltzer before and after you have a drink.  Keeping your water intake up will help reduce the dehydration that often occurs with alcohol.

Be sure to eat before you drink.  When your stomach is empty any alcohol consumed will be absorbed more quickly.  This means that you will feel the effects of the alcohol more quickly as well.  However, eating something rich in protein before you drink you will create a buffer between you and the alcohol. Not only will this curtail your tipsiness but it will also reduce your chances of alcohol-induced overeating.

Finally, consider brining someone along who is also working on maintaining weight loss goals.  A companion in your plight will be able to make you feel more comfortable with your choices.  Strength in numbers is not just a saying.  It gives you both a shoulder to lean on.  This way you can help each other make healthier choices.

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