Congratulations on achieving your desired weight loss.  So, now what?  The next step is learning to maintain your weight loss.  Take some time to consider the best methods for keeping the weight off.  Keep in mind this is a lifestyle change for your health & well-being.  In order to avoid the yo-yo affect of most fad diets you have to have commitment and accountability to yourself to continue your healthier lifestyle.

Nutritionist-doctor-new-yorkAvoid falling back into old, unhealthy habits.  Eat a variety of healthy foods.  Variety will help keep you excited with your food.  Include a wide range of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources.  Don’t skip meals.  Skipping meals can cause overeating and can slow down your metabolism.

Balance what you eat with how much you exercise.  This is important to controlling and maintaining your new weight.  Calorie intake and burn are still important but now it is more a matter of maintaining a balance between the two.  Continue doing what you were doing while you were losing weight. Were you jogging or going for a walk every day? Then continue to do that.  Continued physical exercise is one of the most important methods for keeping the weight off.  

Be realistic and accountable for learning to maintain your weight loss.  You should attempt to stay within three pounds of your target weight.  By keeping a food and exercise journal you can monitor that target weight and any trends that come up.  Perhaps, you eat our more since achieving your weight loss.  Then you might need to increase your physical activity.  Or, you may notice that your continuing to lose weight after you have achieved your goals.  In that case you might need to decrease your exercise routine or increase your calorie intake.  Balance is really the key to maintaining that target weight. 

Work with your weight loss programs consultants to set up a sustainable maintenance plan.  Continuing with your programs provider will allow you to continue to receive coaching and advice.  It will also aid you in accountability and recognizing any trends that might occur after you have achieved your goals. 

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