There are many paths one can take when trying to lose weight:

  • Popular fad diets
  • Medications
  • Extreme exercise routines
  • Surgery


These are just a few. But, many dieters have become cynical of so-called weight loss solutions that promise instant results. They want an alternative to trendy weight loss plans through customized diet solutions.

Weight Loss Without Medication

So, how do you find the path that’s right for you? Without having to use fad diets or diet pills? Here are some tried and true solutions for weight loss without medication:

Counting Calories

Many people don’t realize how many calories they eat in a day and this frequently results in weight gain. But don’t think of counting calories has something that will deprive you of your favorite foods. It will simply prevent you from exceeding your daily limit.

Your caloric intake will depend on several factors such as your age, gender, weight and fitness level. Natural weight loss without medication only occurs when you burn more calories than you consume.

Therefore, you’ll have to figure out exactly how many calories you can consume and still end up losing weight. Contact a weight loss coach at NYC Weightloss Solutions who will crunch the numbers and design a weight loss plan that is easy to manage.

Filling Up On Protein

If you want to lose weight, start incorporating more lean meat, fish and eggs into your diet. Consider starting your day each morning with eggs cooked your favorite way with a piece of whole-grain toast on the side. This will boost your metabolism and help you avoid temptations throughout the day.

If you are a vegetarian, add more beans, tofu, or soy to your diet for an extra punch of protein. Eating more protein can help to balance your blood sugar and stabilize energy levels, resulting in reduced cravings and hunger.

Moving More

The benefits of regular exercise are nearly endless. Physical activity helps prevent disease, speeds up the metabolism, improves mood and increases energy levels. So whether you like it or not, exercise is absolutely essential if you want to achieve weight loss without medication.

Even though exercise is important, it doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym everyday or buy an expensive exercise machine. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of moderate exercise such as a brisk walk or doing a few select yoga poses. Gradually increase the amount of exercise and find activities that you enjoy doing on a regular basis.

Sticking to a Plan for Weight Loss Without Medication

The weight loss professionals at NYC Weightloss Solutions will help you design a personalized diet plan to create a long-term and permanent path toward your weight loss goals. To schedule your free consultation, please click below or call (212) 759-8118.


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