So you’ve tried everything you can to lose weight but are still struggling to drop to extra pounds. If this sounds like you, it might be time to think about some weight loss alternatives that are off the beaten path of trendy diets and expensive gym memberships.

While the following list of weight loss alternatives might not work everybody, research has shown that these alternative methods can be an effective addition to your weight loss strategy.

1. Meditation Quick-weight-loss-nyc_-doctor

You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to experience the numerous benefits of meditation.

Weight gain is often caused by factors such as stress, high blood pressure, and emotional eating. The calming and clarifying effects of mediation can help to eliminate these common obstacles we face when trying to lose weight.

Set aside 15-20 minutes everyday to relax in a comfortable position and clear your mind. Try to focus solely on your breathing. This simple practice can significantly reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even decrease appetite. It’s definitely worth giving it a try!

2. Acupuncture and Acupressure 

The ancient Chinese traditions of acupressure and acupuncture have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of medical, psychical, and psychological conditions. A specialist will harness the body’s natural energy, referred to as “chi.” They will either insert very small needles into certain points on the body (acupuncture), or apply gentle pressure along the same points (acupressure).

Both practices help to reduce stress but have not been extensively studied with scientific research methods. As of right now, the results have been mixed in regards to how effective they are for weight loss. Still, it can be a great addition to your diet and exercise plans.

3. Mindful Eating 

Being mindful means to be fully aware in the present moment; aware of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and sensations.

Mindless eating frequently sabotages weight loss efforts. It’s easy to veg out in front of a movie with a bag of potato chips, but reminding yourself to be mindful can help you get over these bad habits.

This practice will help teach you to pay attention to the cues your body gives you when you’re full. And remember to eat slowly, paying attention to the different tastes and textures with each bite.

Weight Loss Alternatives 

Whether it’s acupuncture, meditation, or mindful eating that helps you reach your goals, creating a personalized plan is the key to weight loss success.

If you’re finally ready to make a permanent change in your life, contact the experts at The NYC Weightloss Solutions who will help you find an approach that’s right for you.

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