The owner and managing director of New York’s NYC Weightloss Solutions – Nutritionist Becky Wilborn – is an authority on transforming people’s lives through her innovative and healthy weight loss programs. Becky Wilborn is considered a top diet specialist in New York and has the experience, knowledge, and success through her successful programs to have earned this title.

Nutritionist-doctor-nyBest Rated Diet Specialist

Becky’s success has been featured in the mainstream media’s coverage of the weight loss industry.

  • CBS Evening News
  • Good Day
  • New York
  • Korean TV

Read Becky Wilborn’s publishings in:

  • CBS Healthwatch
  • NY Metro Parents

Becky’s programs have more options providing clients with a choice of how to achieve their target weight goals. She is a diet specialist who has developed new diet programs and products giving her clients powerful weight loss results.

These programs are designed to provide:

  • Powerful weight loss tools
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Healthy and safe exercise regimen

Becky Wilborn and her team of professional, knowledgeable diet specialist have developed products that will complement each of the three programs offered by NYC Weightloss Solutions

The products provided by NYC Weightloss Solutions deliver alternatives to the traditional diet and deliver maximum results. Combining a healthy diet and proper exercise, the NYC Weightloss Solutions helps clients achieve quick weight loss.

The food products offered by NYC Weightloss Solutions function as an important part of weight loss and are offered as a tasty addition to others. These products are optional to our three effective diet solutions.

Three Effective Solutions

Becky Wilborn has designed three effective programs for different clients to choose from.

Exclusively You

A program refined to include more protein and lower carbohydrates in your diet. It delivers powerful, effective weight loss results.

21 Day Thermogenics

This is a metabolic makeover to put clients into an ultimate fat burning mode. It is high in proteins, lower in carbs, and based on the theory of thermogenic.


This plan is designed to burn fat, control hunger, and promote metabolism through meal replacement options.

Best Rated Diet Specialist in New York

Becky Wilborn has continually been rated the best diet specialist in New York for both men and women for over 30 years. Losing weight the healthy way includes a central component of her support and guidance. If you’re ready to start losing weight today, schedule a free consultation by clicking the icon below and entering your information online – or – call (212) 759-8118.

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