Founder of NYC Weightloss Solutions in NYC – Becky Wilborn – has comprised a staff of weight loss coaches licensed as nutritionists. Becky and her weight loss coaches have studied the effects of good nutrition on health and they encourage a complete lifestyle change for all clients.

Working with Health Issues

The staff at NYC Weightloss Solutions works efficiently with people suffering from eating disorders resulting in obesity and heart problems. At NYC Weightloss Solutions, weight loss plans are customized for clients having special health conditions.

  • Compulsive eating
  • Gastrointestinal surgeries
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

Educating Dieters

Part of coaching is helping people learn why they overeat. This involves learning how to read labels and which foods elevate moods. Many packaged and processed foods contain compounds stimulating the appetite.

A famous potato chip company once advertised:

“You can’t eat just one…”

Their product was tasty and salty, encouraging the eater to keep snacking on a food that had little nutritional value. Salty and sweet foods become addictive as endorphins are released into the brain while you eat.

Educating dieters also helps them to recognize fat burning foods and how they work on the metabolism. Becky Wilborn has spent years studying foods that stimulate the metabolism. Her goal is to help people burn fat and feel good without sugar.

NYC Weightloss Solutions does not offer fad diets. Well balanced diet plans are a permanent change of lifestyle for people who need to lose weight for better health.

Our weight loss coaches will give clients a shopping list. We will even food shop for busy people when necessary to adhere to their customized diet plan. NYC Weightloss Solutions also has a few products to help dieters get started on healthy eating.

Making Your Metabolism Work Better

The Metabolic Makeover is a thermogenic diet of fat-burning foods to quick start the dieting process. These are tasty foods that include berries and other fruits, nuts, salmon, vegetables, lean poultry and meat. Low fat dairy products and chile peppers are also included.

Sugary foods are completely eliminated from the diet. Sugar comes from fruits and vegetables and some whole-grain products. This program developed by Becky can lead to a 15 pound weight loss in three weeks. But, the dieters must be careful to continue with healthy eating and exercise to keep the weight off.

Coaching Always Helps

Becky and her coaches help dieters recognize the signs that lead to chronic overeating. These include food cravings caused by depression and stress. Understanding the problem is the first step in overcoming the desire to eat unhealthy foods. Clients can contact Becky and her coaches several times a week for encouragement.

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