nyc's best weight loss expertMetabolism is a term synonymous with metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body burns. Chemical reactions – metabolism – keep your body alive and functioning. The higher your metabolism – the faster you will lose pounds and keep them off.

Boost Your Metabolism

Upping your metabolism enhances your overall whole body health.

  • Lose weight
  • Keep pounds off
  • Increase energy level

Small lifestyle changes incorporated into your daily routine will help you to easily increase your metabolism.

Metabolic Makeover

Everyone has a natural calorie burner – metabolism – built right into their very own body. Whenever you eat, enzymes in your body’s cells break down the food you consume and turn it into energy for your beating heart, your thinking mind, and your body’s every physical movement. The higher your metabolic rate, the easier pounds drop. You can make your body’s metabolism work harder 24/7.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast high in protein
  • Drink plenty of cold water
  • Drink coffee and green tea
  • Drink 8 to 12 ounces of ice water per day
  • Eat a protein-filled lunch
  • Eat calcium-rich snacks
  • Shop for only whole foods and avoid processed products
  • Throw some hot salsa or chili pepper flakes into your meals to kick up the heat
  • Stock up on iron-fortified cereals, beans, and dark leafy greens
  • Replace cooking fats with coconut oil
  • Keep a regular high-intensity workout regimen
  • Stand – don’t sit to perform tasks
  • Get plenty of quality sleep

Bottom Line on a Metabolic Makeover

You can beat the slowdown in metabolism coming with aging. A woman’s metabolism slows 5 percent every 10 years. As women age, most become less active which causes a loss of muscle mass. By the time a woman reaches 35, she’ll burn 75 fewer calories per day than when she was 25. At 65, she’ll burn 500 fewer calories. Speed up your metabolism with the Metabolic Makeover offered by NYC Weight Loss Solutions.

The Metabolic Makeover is no ‘hocus-pocus’ or another faddish diet. Based on sound nutritional principles, the program is a synergistic blend of key components which suppress appetite while burning fat.— Becky Wilborn, Director

Boost Your Metabolism Today

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